Oh, Woe Is Me

Oh, Woe Is Me

Romance about Simon Donnadieu and his decision to leave his ever-loving wife Rachel.

Romance about Simon Donnadieu and his decision to leave his ever-loving wife Rachel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher H (ru) wrote: A rollercoaster ride of mystery, chase, twist and turn, set on a solid love story. Such heartbreak and surprises.

David L (mx) wrote: This is the fifth instalment in this series I believe, but to be honest, I can only remember what happened in the first one - All the others now tend to merge into one big bubble that gets forgotten about quite easily. All I know is that there are plenty more zombies, more lickers, and more characters from the video game involved, but as for the storyline, I'm kinda lost now. It's very much gone Sci-Fi in this film, with several heroes from past films now being cloned, and their surroundings are often being generated by computer as opposed to good old fashioned travelling. The best bits are still when the classic battles with the undead take place, with some bigger and badder boss creature lurking just around the corner - to its credit, this is so reminiscent of the video game style. Rarely do I allow myself to watch movies out of sequence, but I do seem to have witnessed this without remembering the events in previous episodes. In truth, it's clearly watchable as an independent release as I still enjoyed it, but I've given up trying to understand where we are in the actual plot. The way I see it, if a franchise is good enough, you'll remember everything about each part of it, but clearly I'm now suffering from the lack of originality and action this is currently delivering. The ending suggested there may be one last stand against the so called T Virus from spreading, so we can deffo expect another. Having said that, I suspect there will always be an excuse to bring out more movies if the computer game popularity keeps banging out new versions too, but the way things are going I may well have to revert back to the PlayStation as a means of entertainment, as opposed to the cinema / DVD viewings.

Ethan P (it) wrote: An excellent, sometimes chilling exposure of the many dangers that hydrofracking poses to American citizens and the exceptions the industry is allowed.

Kempis G (gb) wrote: The put Linda Lovelace just the way she was! Fantastic.

Ray T (ca) wrote: I usually have a deep prejudice against Russian movies so I approached this one with much trepidation. I was totally blown away by this musical (yes, I said musical) that did not have an ounce of existential angst that is prevalent in Russian literature. The movie is historical in nature in that it depicts the "stilyagi" movement of the mid 1950s in post Stalinist USSR which was a youth movement against established authority. Unlike America or Europe, this could result in a 5 year imprisonment. The men were into zoot suits and elaborate pompadours. The women were into bright colors, heavy make up, loose skirts and long loose hair. There was a black market of Western music where an elaborate system of recording copies on X-ray film was used to distribute the music even further. Jazz music and saxophones were illegal. Parties were word of mouth and underground. I could go on, but suffice to say there is a joy and energy in this movie that is infectious. And yes, the ubiquitous and officially USSR approved instrument, the accordion is in there.

Ton Q (ca) wrote: Three Idiots is an entertaining and mildly funny film.

Naoya K (br) wrote: Absolutely excellent psycho-suspense! Full of cinematic creativity. Great directing, screenplay, and performances. Personally, I prefer films directed only by Johnny To than ones that To co-directs with Ka-Fai Wai, but this one's an exception. To and Wai's partnership dates back to more than 10 years ago, and they have been constantly releasing films, but they are much more fictional (often with some eccentric or supernatural ideas), richer in variety (genres), and often have more elements of romance and comedy than films directed only by To. It's unclear how they divide their parts in the collaboration, but in it I guess To's auteurship is not as strong as his own film, and he seem to have been taking a role of a supervisor or a pure mise-en-scene craftsman. In "Mad Detective," the collaboration is the most successful - the basic idea of a kind of supernatural power is well-mixed with the noir style. Also, the composition to make you doubt if the supernatural power of the hero is real or not (if he really has supernatural power or is a complete psycho) keeps you in suspense till the film ends. The idea itself is original and great, but how it is shown visually in the picture is absolutely fantastic and has a lot to learn. Also, I love the last gunfight in a mirror room (an homage to Welles's "Lady from Shanghai") and the ending which suggests weakness and foolishness. Ching-Wan Lau gives a terrific performance in a difficult role to play.

Steve S (gb) wrote: Great film; great soundtrack.

Robert H (nl) wrote: For whatever reason, I saw this twice in theaters back in 2009. I thought it was pretty funny then, if a little awkward in places. It also had a weak story, but BORAT had basically the same problem. Now with seven years of perspective, I found it about as funny as I did then, but I watched it with better company this time. A slim majority of the gags hit, but I laughed just as hard at them the third time around. Despite being quite scattershot in its targets until the final act, BRUNO does have some interesting points about the way homosexuals and homosexuality are treated in America. Definitely not for the easily offended, and probably best suited to Sacha Baron Cohen fans.

Imir W (es) wrote: Classic movie. Halle Berry is the shit. Fat men have hope in a race measure d by weight.

adrian morgan l (kr) wrote: a thriller that at times seems very good but then falls flat like most in its genre by the closing credits.

Max G (it) wrote: A must see movie this movie was really fun and hilarious

Pasha A (nl) wrote: * My favourite *No one can make this adaptation better than Polanski.

Jennifer K (ca) wrote: Precursor to Austin Powers. The original man of mystery? Funny at times. The attempted takeover by Women is sadly foiled.

Ken D (ru) wrote: What might have been. This could have been one of the best Tarzan movies of all time, except that there had to have been several cuts made because the movie was deemed to scary. Weissmuller and O'Sullivan were on top of their game as Tarzan and Jane. I really got a kick out of the supporting character, Rawlins. Maybe it was me, but Cheetah seemed really malicious or jealous of Tarzan. Oh well still an pretty good movie though.

Jonathan A (gb) wrote: Fincher brings the viewer on another edgy psychological ride with a great performance from affleck.