Oil on Water

Oil on Water

A loving young creative couple, Max and Anna, experience inexplicable difficulties which tears their relationship apart.

A loving young creative couple, Max and Anna, experience inexplicable difficulties which tears their relationship apart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan C (br) wrote: The 2 worst cops in the world let a bunch of people die and get their asses handed to them by a 63 year-old Udo Kier.

Mark K (it) wrote: a slow, uneven mess thats barely compelling.

Jason R (au) wrote: Raul Julia was such a great actor! So, it is great to see some of his work, that I had not yet seen. The movie is all kinds of over-the-top and goofy. But, in that manic and fun way that I enjoy so much. Richard Dreyfuss is fantastic as he takes on several roles and he does pretty well. But, for me this is Raul Julia's movie. He played such a great bad-guy, I never get tired of watching his performances.

Philip L (au) wrote: Most would veiw this as a pointless and poorly dubbed b-movie from Italy. And thats not far from the truth. But you gorehounds will relish in all the brain transplants, cannibalism, zombies, eye gougings, and disembowelments. Pointless or not, it racks up a 10 on the fucking splat-o-meter. This is also known as, and in my opion the better title, DR. BUTCHER M.D. The M.D. standing for Medical Deviant.

Val D (es) wrote: A good movie Stockard Channing's Character stole it

Jarek M (br) wrote: Completely wasting third act, intrigue became unfounded absurd.

Alex r (br) wrote: Alejandro Jodorowsky crafts a stunning, visceral and action packed Western film that can actually be compared to some of the genres finest works. El Topo is a great film, a film that is unprecedented in its raw energy, and fluid direction. Cult director Judorowsky also acts, and he delivers a film that is remarkable in the way that it showcases its violence. No other Western has taken such an approach as Jodorowsky. Brilliantly shot, acted and with a great story, this is a fine picture that is almost a forgotten classic of the genre. As far as Westerns are concerns, I would call El Topo as one of the finest along with Once Upon a Time in the West, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and The Wild Bunch. The film should definitely be rediscovered by genre fans, but due to some of its striking images, this may not appeal to everyone. If you're looking for something a bit different in the genre, El Topo is that film to watch. Alejandro Jodorowsky is a terrific filmmaker, and he doesn't compromise whatsoever. His vision is striking, unrelenting, and the sheer raw power of El Topo will grab your attention from the moment in starts. The story is well crafted and it is a film that resonates well, as Jodorowsky crafts a film that is very unique in the Western genre, a film that displays certain ideas that are the director's trademark. El Topo is a pleasant film, one that ranks among the finest in the genre, and if you've enjoyed many of the Spaghetti Westerns, you'll surely enjoy this one. The film has a raw power that makes it memorable due to its visuals, and you are simply enthralled at what you are watching. If you enjoy obscured, cult cinema, then El Topo is a film very well worth your time.

Televisnostic I (it) wrote: I would like to see the original.

christine g (ru) wrote: i love jerry lewis and dean martin they did great movies together...

Noname (ag) wrote: A different role for Elijah Wood but he is pretty good here. This movie are very similar to fotboll factory and have the same story about hooligans. I lliked this more. Drama with violence and overall a good movie.

f y (kr) wrote: I love the book and the movie