Ôkami to buta to ningen

Ôkami to buta to ningen

A lonely gangster tries recruiting men to plunder a respected and powerful gang.

A lonely gangster tries recruiting men to plunder a respected and powerful gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Boshra M (br) wrote: - I'm a spoilt brat who fucked up.- If you're unsentimental about it, nobady needs me. Not really.

Mosley A (gb) wrote: What could be better than a movie filled with Gackt and Hyde <3

Corey B (br) wrote: Nice film its nice to see a good period piece like this, Antonio Banderas does a good job in this.

Max W (ru) wrote: For the most reviewed 0% film, it is still so BAD!! I wouldn't show this thing to my worst enemies.

Bill M (gb) wrote: A movie whose devious cleverness is still misunderstood by many and outright dismissed by idiots, and there are a fair few of them walking around. It aligns American fascism with Nazi propagandized hatred and asks "whats the real difference"? look closely at the pro military news reels (recreating exactly old nazi propaganda news reels) the perfect Aryan leads, the officers uniforms (the most explicit reference) and the movie's constant refrain's of "the only good bug is a dead bug" or "not much to look at when you scrape them off your boot" start to take on a disturbing shade and leave a strange, bitter aftertaste to all the gory splatter carnage. Indeed, what do the bugs actually do in the first place? the Americans are the bad guys here, mindlessly ploughing ahead, destroying an enemy with thoughtless hatred, with this in mind the next time you hear Johnny Rico shout "I SAY KILL EM ALL"! takes on an unpleasant dimension. That it also is on top of that an astonishingly realized, epic, sci-fi action, horror thriller with some of the greatest visual effects in film history, buckets of gore, hilarious black comedy and an often affecting, purposefully cheesy soap opera romance mixed in makes it a masterpiece, a brilliantly spiteful and blackly satiric masterpiece.

Max M (ag) wrote: funny at times but enjoyable father's day it may sound corny or bad with billy crystal but it is a funny and enjoyable comedy and it is sad at times also.

Richard D (ru) wrote: A transitional film for Lynch ... kind of the bridge between "Twin Peaks" and "Mulholland Dr.". It's a film that confounds many viewers because Lynch is essentially making a fantasy film without including any of the genre markers that flag a film as such for the viewer. Hence, many viewers refuse to accept a fairly straightforward and literal interpretation of the film and seek some deeper symbolic meaning that isn't really there. It's quite literally about a guy who cannot accept the ugly truth about himself so he alters reality to accommodate his self image.

Jacky L (mx) wrote: a teenage fairytale romance. the direction really wasn't great (nothing much was really), but the movie still had its own sorta 'charm' - maybe cos it would strike a chord with most of us. 'evie' has great magnetism, one gigantic factor what made this watchable. was it intentional for the evie character to be likable, and the randy character not?

roberta b (es) wrote: looking for this movie everywhere ... why can't I find it.

Libby T (gb) wrote: An awesome story. Great for kids.

Eric T (ru) wrote: An enjoyable family film.

Alex P (es) wrote: A truly flawless movie that truly depicts the love of showmanship that pro-wrestlers have, that feeling of the crowd cheering them on, it's truly prevalent in this movie.I could be biased as a life long wrestling fan but as the years have gone on my love has dissipated. But this performance by Mickey Rourke truly shows the life of an indie star/washed up star. It brings you in and continues to pull you in as you can't help but cheer for Randy the ram Robinson if you haven't seen it yet WATCH IT! You won't regret it!