Oki's Movie

Oki's Movie

A love story between a middle aged professor, a young female student who prepares a movie and a student/filmmaker who drinks too much.

A love story between a middle aged professor, a young female student who prepares a movie and a student/filmmaker who drinks too much. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marah R (br) wrote: What even is this stupidity?!!

Quincy J (fr) wrote: a tasty slice of life in that told in horror format . like a fable. some parts were a bit hard follow but was able put on a good show.

Courtney B (kr) wrote: Having read some reviews before hand, which were quite mixed, I went into this with an open mind. That being said, as a Stutter fan, an a fan of the Conchords, I was a bit disappointed. The plot was silly,which is ine, it was meant to be, however there were simply not enough laughs, or even smiles to give this film anything beyond a mediocre review. The jokes were few and poorly done, with the brief moments involving the Conchord gents being the only highpoints, and those were far too brief. If I watch it again it would only be while drunk with friends so as to find humor in mockery.

Bobby K (br) wrote: This movie has all the right stuff Its annoying when its supposed to be annoying its exciting when its supposed to be exciting and its shocking when its supposed to be shocking No Lie

HM F (gb) wrote: Creepy but ultimately too slow moving. DaFoe makes it watchable, but its a shame Clea DuVall is wasted in this movie. The staging of the murders are quite elaborate, frankly too unbelievable. Also the curious lack of cellphones and computers (no computers at anyone's desk in a police department?!) is an odd stylistic choice.

Paul N (br) wrote: Tarr's social apocalypse is soulfully shot & scored, but insistence on lengthy takes results in dramatic inertia. Opening scene is the best in the film.

Harvey B (es) wrote: KundunThe movie is centered around a child who is labeled to be the next Dalai Lama reincarnated. The word Kundun means "The Presence". The Dali Lama received this term of endearment from the Tibetans. The Dalai Lama's homeland was attacked by China. He sought refuge from his native home of Tibet to escape the regime of China. He made his way to India was he was forced to live in exile. He ends up in Dharamasala. This village was known to be the headquarters for exiles from Tibet much like himself. The plot proceeds to demonstrate the training and schooling thrust upon the young man to prepare him for the position as a monk. Later, he is sent to Lhsas, which is the capital city of Tibet to become head of state. At this point the Dalai Lama was almost an adult when his city was invaded and he had to take on a governmental role to protect and represent the people who trusted and worshiped him. The government was very unable and corrupt to a certain extent. The movie displayed the colorful tradition and pleasantry of the culture. However at the same time He was constantly haunted by the visions and dreams of his people be maimed and killed by the ensuring threat of the communist China rule.The religious connotations tied into all of the obstacles really spoke to the duhkha faced throughout the movie. The Dalai Lama had to live up to a high standard. The moral theme was centered on the courage displayed during his journey. He had to walk a path chosen for him taken by others. The Dalai Lama had to make hard decisions and live a disciplined spiritual life. The Buddhist principles prepared him for the physical and mental challenges of life.

Paul P (ag) wrote: The casting, performances and writing are all perfect. The character Nolte plays is perfectly tailored to his style of acting and it's jaw dropping to watch. Coburn's performance is so many big words i don't know. He's such an unpleasant character, just full of bitterness and wants to do nothing but dominate everyone even his own family! Schrader's script is truly something to behold here. The characters in his movies don't mirror my own life at all but he does such a brilliant job of making every character easy to relate to that they stay with me long after i've seen them and Affliction is no exception.

Per M (de) wrote: En ung Viggo Mortensen, kan inte lyfta detta klena manus, men rtt underhllande nd.

Devin C (ru) wrote: A 1980's TV movie done as a newscast about terrorists threatening to blow up Charleston, SC with a nuke that is as much about the role the media plays in events as it is about the possibility of nuclear terrorism. The realistic setting keeps you watching, and the ending (which i won't spoil) is heart wrenching and terrifying at the same time.

Zach M (us) wrote: An alright revenge/exploitation film.Christina Lindberg is damn fine and is perfectly cast as the mute girl who gets raped, drugged, pimped and then takes revenge.It is a slow moving movie that isn't overly exciting.The nudity was great but it was just strange to see porn style sex scenes outside of a porno.The fact that she learned how to stunt drive, go to a funeral, learn to shoot, learn karate and get back to take drugs was pretty impressive.It does have some pretty sweet style at times and the fact that her patch always matches her outfits is pretty sweet.Though I am a little thrown off by the fact that they used a real dead girls body for the eye-gouging scene, creepy.

TTT C (fr) wrote: (****): Thumbs Up A strange, unique and quite funny film.

Jennifer M (br) wrote: Not as good as the others in the series.

SV G (au) wrote: A fanciful story of a man (Jimmy Stewart) about to be married to a high-society lady, but crosses an enchanting and "quirky" woman (Kim Novak) who's secretly a witch (unbenounced to him) and after one evening with her, he calls off his wedding with his fiance. Her brother a musician (and warlock) is played nicely by Jack Lemmon. It's all a little silly and a whole lot of fun; and most certainly must have been the inspiration for the TV show Bewitched that came round less than 10 years after this film was made.

John M (nl) wrote: The implosion of Cardinal Mahony is due in large part to Amy Berg and this film. If you have not seen it - watch it. It displays the evil of clergy sexual abuse and graphically demonstrates the cover-up by Mahony and the impact on the victims and their families.

Shantel D (mx) wrote: Funny, kind of different. Nothing mind-blowing, just fun.