Set on the Russian steppes and filmed in black-and-white, it is the story of a group of peasants seeking revenge against the oil company that bought the collective farm from beneath their feet and the return of their land. During the entire film, it does not stop snowing once. As the peasants make their way across the frozen tundra toward the city that houses oil company headquarters, they take vengeance against a series of former Communist bureaucrats who connived with oil company executives. Except for the youth Kolya that they have drafted into their crusade against the protestations of his babushka-wearing mother, they are all grizzled veterans of WWII. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Okraina torrent reviews

Bryan S (es) wrote: Didn't meet the high expectations.

Hugo G (au) wrote: It was an improvement over "Flowers in the Attic" in the quality of the whole cinematography. The acting was also very good and more natural than in the previous movie. Even though it started quite slow, it took off kind of roughly but still it was intriguing and extremely twisted.

Jereme R (es) wrote: The unacceptable acts displayed in this film, which were committed by our own local governments and pushed the E.L.F. to such extremes, make it worth watching. While I don't agree with the fires set by Daniel McGowan and others as a response, I stand with them in my dissatisfaction of the way our industry, government, and society turn a blind eye to irreparable damage to both the environment and the well-being of peaceful protestors that are trying to make a difference.

Chloe P (fr) wrote: WOW wil they bring anymore out .. their goin' crap now lol x

David J (ru) wrote: It has its handful of absurd laughs, but ultimately is a more annoying that funny Owen Wilson work.

Justin S (es) wrote: Oooo! Oooo! Russian Mafia!!!

Bradley K (jp) wrote: Saw this on TV the other day. Hadn't seen it in years. Brilliant.

Lawrence W (nl) wrote: Can you believe the guy who made A Christmas Story also made this piece of shit?

Shawn W (it) wrote: Army deserters take shelter from deadly nuclear war induced acid rain in a lab are stalked by a genetically engineered creature that gives birth to a mutated human baby. Decent job done on a limited budget other than the stuffed animal rats.

Simon P (kr) wrote: Some splendid nudity and an inappropriately upbeat soundtrack help make this a surprisingly jolly cannibal/massacre movie. Another Italian '80s exploitation gem unearthed by 88 Films!

Marc L (au) wrote: Il existe deux degres de lecture pour visualiser "Aelita". Le premier en tant qu'ancetre du cinema de Science-fiction : il fut l'un des premiers longs-metrages a imaginer un voyage dans l'espace et la rencontre avec des extraterrestres (meme si cet element ne compte vraiment que dans le dernier tiers du film, le reste se resumant a un vaudeville assez convenu) et son esthetique constructiviste influenca nombre de ses successeurs, a commencer par le "Metropolis" de Fritz Lang. La seconde possibilite est de le considerer sous l'angle politique. "Aelita" est une oeuvre sovietique de 1924, autrement dit lourdement patriotique et revolutionnaire. Pour resumer, explicitement dans sa premiere partie, plus metaphoriquement dans celle qui se deroule sur Mars, "Aelita" n'a de cesse d'exalter la droiture et l'ingeniosite de la pacifique armee des proletaires et des travailleurs, en butte aux manoeuvres contre-revolutionnaires des cochons capitalistes decadents. Dans les deux cas, ce film muet se montre plutot interessant a regarder, pour sa vision naive mais originale d'un "First contact" mais aussi en tant que temoignage historique des methodes de propagande par l'image.

Chase V (br) wrote: Couldn't even get through the first ten minutes before I fell asleep.

Jody M (br) wrote: I'd be very curious about the number of people who thought they were going to see a supernatural thriller instead of what was actually shown on screen.What was shown onscreen was a ponderous slow-paced film that most likely tested the audience as far as stringing them on as to the relevance of the two seemingly-disconnected subplots.Without giving too much away, this is Clint Eastwood at his most sentimental. He'd rather go that route than explore unnecessary existential questions that have pondered human civilization since time began.Just know that the name of the title is not really what you get in the actual film.

Paul J (gb) wrote: Not for the faint of heart.