Okresní prebor: Poslední zápas Pepíka Hnátka

Okresní prebor: Poslední zápas Pepíka Hnátka

The film Sunday League is set just before the beginning of the TV series Okresni prebor (2010)). The film's story takes us back in time to Houslice and everything is once again centered ...

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Okresní prebor: Poslední zápas Pepíka Hnátka torrent reviews

Oliver N (mx) wrote: A far more confident feat in the Middle Earth series, I consider it a 'return to form' rather than simply better than the first Hobbit. We've gone back to the excellent characterisation, cheeky humour and frenetic action which was less present in the previous movie... While still not quite reaching the peaks of the two latter Lord of the Rings films.Verdict: A-

hopper k (es) wrote: a fairly graphic film kinda. not bad at all.

Stephen S (ca) wrote: Surprisingly good. Interesting story set in a troubled time that most of America would like to quickly forget. Entertaining story, great cast, and very solid ending. Check this out if you're a fan of cop movies.

Mad M (kr) wrote: A rare miss for Van Sant. It's different, but unengaging. The dialogue is shakespeare-like. The story is aimless. I could only make it halfway through.

Gary S (kr) wrote: Although Albert Finney's character was the main one, I did not find myself over sympathising with him. Thought he asked for that kicking of those two soldiers. Although you could tell that Dorothy was beginning to reform him a bit towards the end. Funny when you hear your parents going on about today's generation. Then you watch this and realise that their generation was not much better!

Patrick L (fr) wrote: Un film qui n'attends pas sa cible, qui est de nous attacher a Kiki comme on le ferrait pour une copine attachante mais au comportement eratique, voire chaostique. Malgre tout l'effort d'Isabelle Blais qui nous devoile l'une de ses meilleurs performance, le film ne levent pas vraiment. Proximite inategnable d'une femme a la deinibition demesurer. Aussi bonne performance d'Angele Coutu. Je trouve aussi etrange l'utilisation 'joyeuse' du sourire sanglant dans la bande annonce...

Jeffrey C (br) wrote: Elvis proves that he can act.

Henrysmovieguide C (gb) wrote: A good spy and action movie. Tom Cruise acts well here. Almost as good as Rogue Nation. A little slow at times, but mostly pretty good.

Matthew B (nl) wrote: Clunky CGI. No real good practical effects - other than squibs. Decent acting though for a low budget sci fi flick.

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Okresní prebor: Poslední zápas Pepíka Hnátka torrent

Okresní prebor: Poslední zápas Pepíka Hnátka full movieOkresní prebor: Poslední zápas Pepíka Hnátka (2012) torrent