Old Cats

Old Cats

Isidora, an old woman, discovers that her mind is quickly deteriorating. At an apparently relaxed dinner table, she will desperately try to hide her state from her daughter, a demanding woman who awaits any sign of senility in order to take way everything she has

Isadora (Belgica Castro) and Enrique (Alejandro Sievking) live a comfortable life. They have a modest yet elegant apartment in Santiago's old downtown district complete with a lovely ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andres V (fr) wrote: Que tristeza, de nuevo fracaso total del cine colombiano y eso que esta vez parecia interesante el tema. La verdad pareciera que estos directores de pacotilla nunca leyeran ni fueran a cine por que los guiones ni para limpiarse el ass y los actores son peores que los de telebobelas. Por lo menor la parte tecnica la manejan mejor pero la parte de cerebro y estetica aun la tienen totalmente perdida. Historia 100% estupida que no vale la pena ver ni en copia pirata.

TheJimbobs123 (fr) wrote: Not the best. Started off promising (even if you forget about the bad acting) but loses its way very quickly. Becomes confusing and not really that scary. Tried and failed to be paranormal Activity.

Rodrigo D (jp) wrote: Its a shame that this kind of movies doesnt get too much promotion, thanks internet!

Tj R (mx) wrote: Ugh. This belonged on Lifetime. Only interesting element was seeing Kevin from the office in a substantially different role. Jeremy Sisto portrayed Jeremy Sisto and Kristin Chenoweth could have been replaced by any blonde the studio had handy her role was kept so small.

007 W (mx) wrote: Megamind is alright, it wasn't terrible, but this movie got a lot better as it went along, the problem is in the end the all have a dance number and you're like oh god just stop, another problem is the first 5 minutes of the movie, but everything else is good so I get this movie a 7/10

Chinmai R (de) wrote: Need to see it again.

Garrett K (jp) wrote: Classic reboots almost never work and The Omen only contributes to that statistic. The plot is skewed and progresses with painful uncertainty as if it's blindfolded. The action is overly dramatic and stylized which takes away completely from the horror aspect which the filmmakers (who have obviously seen the original) must have insisted not to emphasize. Rather they chose to distract their audience with modern day special effects and unfulfilled promises of fear that must have cost millions but still look dirt cheap hiding disgracefully behind the name of a classic horror film.

Scott B (fr) wrote: Call me weird, but I actually really like this movie. The funny thing is, the more you view it, the more you realize the film's rather brilliant commentary on how pop music today is entirely trend-driven and not heart driven.

Alonso A (jp) wrote: Unfunny, unconsistent, bad actings, bad story. Worst Allen Film I've seen

bob b (it) wrote: Has one of the most disturbing nude scenes of any movie.

Bobby K (ru) wrote: The film is a real piece of work, and I mean that in the best way possible. Ferrara camera portrays a man who has fallen into the abyss with such passion that it becomes the whole reason this film is discussed. The narrative is muddled and unfocused, much like the psychosis of the nameless protagonist, played with passionate intensity by the ever great Keitel. It works for the aesthetic it wants, but perhaps is too content to in that aesthetic to remember that it also has what seems like a tacked on mystery that either detracts from the experience or you get wrapped up in this subplot and hate the long shots of Keitel living at the bottom of the abyss. By no means a bad movie, but a critically flawed one.

John B (ag) wrote: Interesting Historical movie telling of the Pearl Harbour story from both the American & Japanese viewpoint during WWII

Joetaeb D (it) wrote: The Rite shows potential, thanks to Anthony Hopkins presence and eagerness to please the audience. Unfortunately lead man Colin O'Donoghue doesn't connect to Hopkins or the story, which very slow about not getting to the solution or bringing frights.

Jim M (mx) wrote: Uninteresting John Wayne western that doesn't have much beyond Wayne going for it. Yet another example how Hollywoods Golden Age produced crap on par with anything it churns out today.

Mischief M (br) wrote: Loved the soundtrack

Karsh D (fr) wrote: One of Hitchcock classic suspense thrillers. Two guys swap stories of girl trouble and have murder in mind but only one of them is serious about their claims