Old English

Old English

An old man unethically provides an income for his two grandchildren.

An old man unethically provides an income for his two grandchildren. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (br) wrote: "Whatever one ends up thinking about 'The Snowtown Murders', it's difficult to deny that it's a deeply impressive work." A gripping dramatization about Australia's most successful serial killer.

i C (ag) wrote: 3/10bad, statham is missing

John P (jp) wrote: Loved this movie. Reminded me abit of stand by me and outsiders. a boy lives in the wilderness with his dad. His dad dies and than he's on his own. Good story.

Clelie R (kr) wrote: It sucks really, and oh my god the succubus looks SO ridiculous!!!

Alex A (au) wrote: Lords of Dogtown should've been the equivalent of what those kids did back in the 70's but it isn't. Heath Ledger stands out the most, of course.

Countess N (ag) wrote: Recommended by DrLappos.

Jorge E (jp) wrote: will wanna make you Jump !

Don A (nl) wrote: Awesome 80's B action with Mr. Van Dammage himself as a slick haired bad guy. Coming out when martial arts was still a relatively mystical art, this movie throws everything in the mix: small town teenage kid (who looks like he's 30) moves to a new town, faces local bully, then faces the evil russian martial arts expert..looses....then gets trained by the ghost of Bruce Lee..ahh the awesome 80's. This even has a killer 80's soundtrack theme. A must see for a guys action night.

Kristal C (fr) wrote: I loved this movie as a kid. Now I realize just how creepy it is. Michael Caine? REALLY?! If the older guy was George Clooney I could see it.

Cha D (br) wrote: Crazy teenagers hosting disappointing pool parties, a thin, quivering, morose and sweaty protagonist named Billy, a morbidly obese redneck sheriff with a neck-beard, and his bony, pot-smoking sidekick, a monster with an arm cannon and a magic necklace, Joe Don Baker making a cameo as a woman, a mom who goes to acapulco every weekend, tires squealing on dirt, and claymation aliens - WINNING

Anders A (mx) wrote: Brandos first and only directing. Its a lot better than its reputation, a character builded thinking western, yet using the stereotypes and emotional distress as its branch.

Daniel G (ag) wrote: The fist half of this movie looks like a Pepsi commercial. Seriously, plenty of product placement. Guess they were the sponsors, but really takes you out of the seriousness of the movie. The second half was better. Although for a movie that introduces some fresh ideas for the zombie genre, like it being a virus, fast zombies, zombies that die just by gunshots, etc, it also ends up playing out like many other zombies movies: survivors end up acting uncivilized towards each other, someone fucks up when they seem to have everything controlled, at least some of the good guys will become zombies, etc.

Finn B (kr) wrote: Take it as what it is. A fun comedy for Askew-neverse fans

Ken C (ca) wrote: Predictable but entertaining film. Funny and touching, where differing cultures & religion play a part in the story but aren't the whole story. I enjoyed this hard to find British film.