Old Joy

Old Joy

Two old pals reunite for a camping trip in Oregon's Cascade Mountains.

The film tells a story of two old friends : Kurt and Mark who determine to have an adventure in the Cascade mountain. They must face many challenges which gives them many meaning lesson about the friendship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Old Joy torrent reviews

MoochieSmiles D (au) wrote: so this came before slither huh

Casey S (ag) wrote: While certainly clever and original, the writing and execution aren't quite up to the mark. P.S. If you're American, you'll quickly learn not all words in English are understandable. Turn on your subtitles.

David T (de) wrote: Impressive low budget sci fi flick.

JoEy M (ag) wrote: Oh wicked! Wow, some sorta twisted movie!

Janet L (ag) wrote: yeah I love this movie

Lisa B (fr) wrote: This movie was amazing!!!!! I recommend it to everyone

Kate F (jp) wrote: chidhood favourite. still good :)

Petros M (jp) wrote: one of my best movies.Take a look on dialogues and specially on peter's monologues..

Mereie d (gb) wrote: Though entertaining enough to see for a second time (great funny subtleties to lighten up a deadly serious topic based on historical fact), ??Landru?? has its tame sides too. One is amused by the costume setting, the feigned romance, the historical circumstances that make Landru??s (Charles Denner) crimes a ??necessity?? (=war time leading to both financial problems and a female surplus). In a way, the silly charade of the meetings between Landru and his women is not unlike the silly charade of blind dates and relationship counseling nowadays: you get the lies (from both sides), the awkward first encounters, the faked interest, etc. Chabrol clearly displays the absurdity of these charades by emphasizing the overly sentimental affectations of both the women and Landru himself, while contrasting them with Landru??s utter cruelty. Landru is clearly a psychopath (rather than just a gold digger). In the end it is almost as if he has convinced himself of being innocent of any crime. Chabrol has done a decent job turning serious stuff into entertainment occasionally verging on hilarity (American neighbours who keep complaining about the stench coming from the chimney, Landru buying one return ticket and one single fare every time he??s spotted a new potential victim, etc.), but truth be told, it is also much of the same. After a few conquests and domestic tiffs, we pretty well got the picture.

Knox M (fr) wrote: This film is quite simply superior to any movie set in the 18th century. One of the ten or twenty best movies ever produced.

Karissa C (gb) wrote: Annoyingly hilarious. :))

riah w (de) wrote: read the book so....

SailorMoon797 F (br) wrote: it's a horror film of all time.

Barry T (ag) wrote: This was aimng to be twee and charming but something didnt work. Its watchable but something is off kilter. Great cast, Cleeson playing someone soft and nice to see Kitsch in a lead role.