Old Man Made in Spain

Old Man Made in Spain

A widow shepherd who lives at the Aragonese Pyrenees sees how his three young daughters, Cándida, Visi, and Nieves, go to Madrid to find a better life and leave him alone. There they all get married, have sons and forget their father. One day, Marcelino receives a letter from Cándida, who wants him to stay with her family for some time. What she really wants is some help from her father, as she's not able to take care of her ten daughters and her upcoming child. Marcelino goes to Madrid, but, once there, he only finds an unknown, frantic and hostile world, and also three unhappy daughters...

A widow shepherd who lives at the Aragonese Pyrenees sees how his three young daughters, Cándida, Visi, and Nieves, go to Madrid to find a better life and leave him alone. There they all ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Konrad R (fr) wrote: Might be a decent action movie but tries too hard to be something more.

John K (it) wrote: 5 chavs beg their way across the Americas, was my first thought. Actually, it's quite interesting and emotional when they get their reward.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: A notch ahead of typical B-movie fare for some fairly decent martial arts fight scenes.

Sarah H (fr) wrote: I was expecting it to be really really stupid, however I was told it was actually funny so I gave it a shot. It actually was pretty good. Don't get me wrong, it's got some really stupid parts, but it's actually not that bad.

Laura B (mx) wrote: Total waste of $1.00 and an hour which is how long I endured before I shut it off. I can't believe I left it on that long, but I was hoping something would happen.

Miranda A (ru) wrote: I am not sure what came fist, i am pretty sure its this movie. But this is like Cake Eatters just written opposite.

Sarah (it) wrote: This is a great movie & an even better book!

Andrew R (mx) wrote: Entertaining and lavishly photographed. The Paloma Picasso (Pablo's granddaughter) sequence is particularly enjoyable.

To C (br) wrote: Talvez a era para os filmes de "bandidos romnticos" que comovem multides l "Bonnie e Clyde" tenha passado, entretanto este filme baseado em fatos reais ocorridos nos Estados Unidos no final da dcada de 1960 resgata com competncia esta poca mais inocente da nossa histria recente. Primeiro filme de Steven Spielberg dirigido para o cinema, "Louca Escapada" j traz consigo alguns elementos que caracterizem o cinema do diretor - como j havia demonstrado no telefilme anterior, "Encurralado" -, como a mistura quase que homognea de comdia, aventura e suspense, alm do toque dramtico, resultando num excelente carto de visitas do cineasta a indstria do cinema norte-americano, que com o relativo sucesso do longa viria a dirigir um dos mais festejados trabalhos de sua vitoriosa carreira, "Tubaro". Estrelado pela ento principiante no mundo das estrelas Goldie Hawn, "Louca Escapada" considerado um filme menor de Spielberg, contudo tem qualidades prprias que o igualam a qualquer obra escapista do diretor. Sendo assim, mais um filme que merece ser constantemente redescoberto pelas geraes mundo afora.

Shawn T (jp) wrote: Schrader classifies this as a post-hard boiled psychological noir, but I think it's more like an early noir. In fact, the Lang/Edward G. Robison noirs are better psychological dramas than Sidewalk. I guess that's because Otto Preminger, though talented, is basically the poor man's Fritz Lang.

Dan F (es) wrote: Absurd, preposterous schlock horror. If you have a sense of humour and you're in the right mood, you may find this fun. It's no worse than the majority of Dario Argento's films, and at least it knows it's cheap. There's an almost Warholesque quality to the pulp of it all, only without the posturing smugness.