Old Radicals

Old Radicals

A story of a radical grandfather who risked his life working for peace, and the deeply personal consequences of his courage.

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A story of a radical grandfather who risked his life working for peace, and the deeply personal consequences of his courage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Old Radicals torrent reviews

Anna C (ag) wrote: There are three good things in this movie: locations, the dog and Tcheky Karyo. Aside from these, it's really bad, the story is too peachy and, what it's worse, it didn't involve me at all.

David W (au) wrote: I don't think I liked it as much as LoraRaj

Kristi M (de) wrote: Like the Anne Rice vampires the story is more about the "human" element in the vampires. There's the rush of invincibility and beauty mixed with tragedy and heartbreak of those coming in an out of the immortal's lives and how they try to fill that void of loneliness that becomes increasingly worse over time. Although there is violence the movie is not based on violence like so many vampire killer movies- it's more like a brooding character study of the gift and curse of the vampire. The CGI in some frames is absolutely beautiful- especially Charlotte's last scene. Otherwise there isn't much of a plot- it's thin and predictable and they had to throw in a lot of chase scenes to keep it going. Interview with the Vampire is still better although this is still a decent watch. It's not an exploitation horror movie and if you're looking for lesbian sex you're not going to see any.

Sunder S (nl) wrote: The second half saves the movie if you can survive the badly written, acted, and edited first half. Or maybe the less of Salman Khan and more of Anil Kapoor in the second half made it feel better.

Josh W (kr) wrote: One of the best documentaries I've seen yet. If you have netflix, add it to your instant queue. Or go buy it. Either way, it's definitely something that you should watch. I strongly recommend it.

Joyce D (br) wrote: love this family. love this movie!

Madwolfie C (au) wrote: Interesting topics for a movie but inter-weaving too many plots and over dramatic... still a good movie to learn more about the history and the different angst of people.

Joshua M (ca) wrote: A good war movie with a good cast.

Parsa F (br) wrote: Wow. Really? Who greenlit this?

Sean M (mx) wrote: Seen it many moons ago, still good though.

Tony P (ag) wrote: I am struggling to be positive about this film that somehow won the 1969 Best Picture, Director (Brit John Schlesinger) and screenplay.Perhaps best known for the sing "Everybody's Talkin' at Me' sung by Harry Nilsson.The film stars Jon Voight as a Texan dishwasher Joe Buck.The film begins with Buck starting a new life in New York City as a hustler hoping to earn money as a Texan stud for sex.Being not very successful he meets a streetwise con man Enrico "Ratso" Rizzo (Dustin Hoffman).Ratso is not in the best of physical health and has fantasies of a new life in Miami, Florida. Meanwhile Buck has flashbacks of a shocking sexual assault on himself and his his girlfriend.The pair struggle by in their squat until towards the end of the film where the pair take a 31 hour bus journey to a Miami (presumably far cheaper than air travel, and it's 1969?)I found the film depressing and through periods boring. I don't know what the other films were at those Academy Awards.Perhaps some of the subject matter was a bit X rated at the time but by modern standards is rather tame.

Colin W (de) wrote: Should have been a lot better - didn't come close to the hangover