Old Road Mistery

Old Road Mistery


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Malay
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Old Road Mistery 2011 full movies, Old Road Mistery torrents movie

ndra and Ilya are on their way home to their home village for the funeral of Iskandar, their father. Indra is the biological son of Iskandar, who is an illegal racer who gambles and owes money to loan sharks who are hunting him. Meanwhile, Ilya is the adopted son who was given to Iskandar when he was passing through an old road 25 years ago. Ilya helped his father build his career and his conduct as a 'better' son among the two is the cause of Indra's estrangement from his family. However as they make their way to the village, they use an old road and gets transported into another world, filled with mystical creatures. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Old Road Mistery torrent reviews

Chris P (nl) wrote: This bore-fest is hardly watchable with its lousy characters, shaky camera and uneven settings. This is just a narrative you'll want to forget.

James B (kr) wrote: This was a good fun, family, movie with a lot of cooking. I thought it was pretty good honestly.


Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Robby R (gb) wrote: Uplifting, geurilla-style movie that makes the repression of Iranian women depicted in the film all the more disheartening.

Sunil J (us) wrote: Not her best but clever and better than an average stand-up

Stine P (kr) wrote: En veldig godt fortalt historie og sterk film. Gode karakterer og godt skuespill.Liker mten hvordan karakterenes ulike motiver flettes inn i hverandre og til slutt sammenfaller.

Joe H (ca) wrote: just for the cover alone

Tiiana V (us) wrote: "In tempi come questi la fuga l'unico mezzo per mantenersi vivi e continuare a sognare" (Henri Laborit) ... Nel 1994, sono partita in Grecia, proprio l, sulle traccie di "Mediterraneo" una fuga in pi ;o). Grazie Gabriele.

Anna N (gb) wrote: Well... it was somewhat amusing.

Hayley J (ca) wrote: Hilarious...singing not bad

Brody M (ru) wrote: I was laughing my ass off.This movie is great

Bonita F (it) wrote: Saw it in the 7os Loved it!!!!!!!!!

Kenneth L (kr) wrote: This is a short, simple film that is mainly of interest as a historical artifact. The story is exceedingly simple: a nasty bourgeois French couple hire a poor Senegalese girl as a nanny/maid, then treat her horribly until she can't take it anymore. It makes its point about colonialism, and doesn't do a whole lot else. It was obviously produced on a very low budget, and shows some French New Wave influence in its camerawork and voiceovers. The acting is mostly kind of amateurish. While the movie obviously has noble intentions, it's pretty much devoid of entertainment value and dramatic interest and today really only has pedagogical value.

Simon P (au) wrote: Weak sequel with a disturbingly torturous lack of Cenobite action.

Isaac R (ca) wrote: It's a very funny movie it's a movie for the kids and family

Pierre K (de) wrote: Fun lol one of the best in the kind for a long time!!!