Old Shatterhand

Old Shatterhand

Renegades trying to get the army to abandon their fort get the Indians addicted to whiskey, then convince them to attack and drive out the soldiers.

Renegades trying to get the army to abandon their fort get the Indians addicted to whiskey, then convince them to attack and drive out the soldiers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alec C (mx) wrote: Very introverted and wonderful performance by Adam Driver and great chemistry between Paterson and his wife. However, little plot development with a hint of sadness within what is the plot. Quite boring. 2.5 out of 5.

Thomas O (mx) wrote: The story and humour do fall flat occasionally however the central 4 and there combined comedic flair (which makes it annoying to see Plaza and Kendrick split up for the second act) add up to enough craziness to keep viewers entertained for 90 minutes, even if it's not one you rush to re-watch.

Cmc S (gb) wrote: Thinking that he's dying and wanting to be remembered, a boy sets out with his friends to break the Guiness World Record for most snowmen built in a day. Sometimes, the record you think you're going to break, isn't the one you actually break. A great movie about living life to the fullest and what's really important. Marvelous cameo by Christopher Lloyd. Ray Liotta as "Crazy" Reggie Kirkfield, puts in a good performance as the father who is so wrapped up in the mundane and getting all of the bills paid that he forgets what life is really all about.

Arjun N (us) wrote: An absolutely outstanding build up to an unpredictable ending. Featherstone's subtleties and nuances while being possessed by the demon are a chilling delight to watch. Oren Peli has truly struck gold in this low budget box office monster!

Nick I (kr) wrote: Not going say by any stretch that this would be considered good the acting is subpar and the plot is very predictable and clique but as a WWE fan this is one of Cena's better performances

Brett H (ca) wrote: Why can't Hollywood make movies of this caliber? Is it their audience?

Matthew B (it) wrote: worst movie ever made

Sammie C (ru) wrote: Previously, I had never actually gave a shit about the Leviticus so this was actually extremely interesting to see the various interpretations of it. Being a stereotypical douchebag atheist, I usually automatically assume the belief systems and morals of a Christian, so this was enlightening. I definitely recommend it, no matter your stance on homosexuality.

Steven S (es) wrote: Good for about fifteen minutes, then Kennedy mopes about his terrible career choices for the rest of the film, while blaming the critics for the hate against him. I wonder if the irony is lost on him that he accuses the critics of being infantile virgins, while they have legitimate complaints about his work. He confronts his detractors with all the wit and maturity of a twelve year old and ruins what could have been an interesting documentary by acting as if Son of the Mask were his magnum opus. Just watch one of his stand up routines, it won't be long before someone heckles him and gets more laughs in two minutes than he ever will.

Aaron S (nl) wrote: From rather unknown directer Jason Freeland, "Garden Party," is an interesting look at lonliness. The plot tends to fall flat more often than not, but shows promising talent. There are two gems worth noting. First, Freeland does a wonderful job of portraying the underbelly society of Beverly Hills youths. Though glamourized by the ridiculous pop-phenomenon "The Hills," Freeland showcases this group for what they really are: lost and aimless. Second, anyone of my generation who remembers Vinessa Shaw coming down the stairs in her busty Colonial ball-gown in "Hocus Pocus" will be happy to see her comfortably settled in the sex-kitten persona we knew she had in her.

Imtia R (au) wrote: just want to say one single word "disaster".

Andrew B (br) wrote: Let's face it.... Republicans are just better at business, its amazing how easily douped us Americans can be. I guess it goes along with our consumer culture. The Dem's think that 08 is already a slam dunk, but I'm telling you it'll be closer than you think. I mean Chuck Norris endorses Huckabee and all the sudden he's a serious contender. Who knows what'll happen in the next year.....

Monet J (gb) wrote: A really powerful movie. I really liked it!

Russ B (jp) wrote: 9/16/2016: Meh. The only good or memorable piece is Kim Basinger.

Tim M (fr) wrote: "French Connection II" is the best kind of sequel. It takes a great character in an entirely different direction than the original film did, and provides results that are all the more compelling because of it. This film stands not in the shadow of the original, but very capably on its own.

Cristi J (br) wrote: I've had this movie sitting on my shelf for 5 years and I decided to watch it tonight. I am baffled at the studio trying to market this film as a romantic comedy and perhaps that's why it didn't do so well? The first half of the movie was a bore and then towards the end it wanted to create depth for the characters when I'd spent such a large portion of the movie not having any emotional investment in them. So that was a bit confusing. The movie warmed up when it was sadly too late to enjoy it much. If you love Jude Law, i'd pass on this one and watch The Talented Mr. Ripley or Repo Men.

Shane F (kr) wrote: pretty good for low buck anthology horror, clown is probably the creepiest clown....iv seen since I.T. Good show

Jim H (kr) wrote: A white record producer signs African-American musicians, and together the foundations of rock n roll are formed.I suppose the lesson of this biopic is that when one isn't racist in a racist world, one stands to benefit. That is the only discernible advantage that Leonard Chess (Adrien Brody) has over others, yet we don't know enough about Chess or why he is as he is. A commonality among these characters is their penchant for extramarital sex, but Chuck Berry's prison sentence notwithstanding, this behavior doesn't make a plot-driving point or a matter of serious conflict.In the end, Cadillac Records is a music film, with the race relations subplot only tangential, so whether or not you like this film with depend upon whether you like the musical performances by Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters, Mos Def as Chuck Berry, and Beyonce Knowles as Etta James. I thought they were good, but I'm not a great judge.Overall, the plot of this film doesn't do a lot - an odd combination of social commentary about 50s race relations and interpersonal affairs - but those of you who like the origins of rock n roll might find the performances, if not the story, compelling.