Old Traditions

Old Traditions

This crime anthology chronicles the assassinations carried out by a ritualistic hit man. He is known only as The Milkman.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:70 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Chronicles the assassinations of a ritualistic hitman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Old Traditions torrent reviews

Kate B (ca) wrote: Finally the truth is out. This is a must see.

Rick O (de) wrote: Not much mystery for Holmes.

Miguel O (ag) wrote: Cynical cash-grab. There are even cuts in between scenes where the commercials were supposed to be placed.

Chara S (it) wrote: One of the sweetest movies i have ever seen. Unfortunately the simplicity of those movies has been lost long time ago.

Jack L (ca) wrote: Edgier than most older slasher films but great to see a motive of insanity and a different choice of weapon

Private U (ca) wrote: The promo underneath the title saya it all..."Just when it was safe to get back in the water - now you can't get to it..."

Geoffrey D (jp) wrote: Just watched this to honour Isaac after his passing. I didn't expect much except for a few cheap laughs. Boy, was I wrong. The soundtrack's awesome, first of all. Secondly, the performances are solid. They just don't make films like they used to.

Chris M (us) wrote: Good anthology with some pretty good stories. Worth a look for fans of those sort of things.

Kelly C (fr) wrote: This was the first Elvis Presley film that I have ever watched in its entirety/ I liked the plot with some music mixed in. The plot is a action-drama filled with crime and pasion. And let's not forget music. I still can't get the song, "Banana" out of my head! The characters were incredibly believable, realistic, and passionate. Overall, a great Elvis film!

Julie H (us) wrote: A very early John Wayne film - for it's time I suspect it's pretty good - some early tricks for evading the law since later with Mr Bond in the 60's!

Michael H (mx) wrote: It has a few genuinely creepy moments, but it can't escape it's made for TV limitations and the little furry prunefaces are just a tad silly looking rather than frightening

Tommy B (it) wrote: It was entertaining and worth a watch.

Jacob B (ru) wrote: While the first Rocky was about going the distance, this entry in the franchise is the exact opposite. And some people may not be too happy with that. Like most third films, it's a noticeable slight step-down from its predecessors. In spite of this, Rocky III manages to redeem itself with some enjoyable boxing action whilst also showing what fame can do to a person earlier on in the film as well as a great soundtrack. Oh, that Survivor song. Loved the way the film began with a montage of Rocky being heavyweight champion of the world whilst Clubber Lang, who's slightly more famous than actual Mr. T, shows that he's going to be Rocky's first true challenger since Apollo Creed. Eye of the Tiger, man. That freaking song. Can't quite match up to the first two Rockys but still doesn't quite go for a knockout, in a negative sense.

Pasha A (br) wrote: My Favorite. Avant-guard. Older than his age.The Best Film of Audry Hepburn. This is a Life Teaching movie. The sunbathing Scene at hotel is great.I adore these lines:"We can't even fight in peace!"-------------------------------------------------------------Mark Wallace: What kind of people just sit in a restaurant and don't say one word to each other?Joanna Wallace: Married people? -------------------------------------------------------------

Hari A (us) wrote: A neo noir drama that incorporates stylish acting, witty humour and a damsel-in-distress is probably the perfect recipe for a couch experience. Denzel Washington as expected excels as Easy Rawlins, an out of job commoner who gets entangled with the wrong people. He eventually plays the hero and saves Daphne Monet (played by Jennifer Beals) from the wicked hands of the evil bureaucrats. May be not that simple, but the whole story somehow revolves around that simple premise. Don Cheadle plays Mouse, a trigger happy friend of Washington's who helps him in his cause. Don Cheadle breathes a bit of fresh humour into the movie, and never lets it become too serious, which probable is the reason why this can be considered a step up from the classic film noirs. Based on an African American background, it is indeed a great watch on a nice evening after work.

Jim M (de) wrote: Decient Exploitation flick. Charles Bronson is an L.A. Vice Cop out to take down a sleazy pimp named Duke who specializes in young girls, walst struggling with his own prejudices against the Japanese, one of whom copt a feel from his 15 year old daugther and who's daughter Duke has kidnapped. There's a serious movie to be made about human trafficing/sex slavery but this ain't it. Instead watch Bronson be Bronson, highlight Bronson kidnaps Duke at gunpoint, forces him to swollow and nearly choke on his $25,000 watch all before torching the pimps car.

Rory Fyfe S (au) wrote: Funny and sweet. Great movie. Well written.