Older Than America

Older Than America

The truth of the past come to light in a series of haunting visions in this drama. The strange visions grow more vivid with each passing day, a young woman of Native American heritage begins piecing together a Catholic priests diabolical plot to prevent her mother from revealing the atrocities that unfolded at a Native Indian boarding school.

A woman's haunting visions reveal a Catholic priest's sinister plot to silence her mother from speaking the truth about the atrocities that took place at her Native American boarding school... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin P (au) wrote: A pretty depressing look at young Aboriginal Daniel's life in rural Queensland/NSW. He's surrounded by drugs, alcohol and violence and that's what he sees as "cool". It's easier said than done to stay and school and become better than your role models. The plot's pretty thin and there's no real coherent story, but there's some nice moments and a good ending with a pretty strong message.

Nate T (kr) wrote: A bit dragged out with at least one uninteresting plot line but for the most part it is amusing. On Blu-ray.

Clayton T (de) wrote: Makes Monk looks like a baby compared to this guy

Private U (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. It didn't really have a solid story line but it gave us some very strange glimpses into the lives of three very different women in Israel. I found each story to be very interesting and I was curious to what might happen next. The movie focused on three regular people living out their lives trying to figure out what they wanted for themselves but the director films the story through the characters own emotions, thoughts and memories. Excellent movie with a lot of thought put into the characters and their development, definitely recommend it.

Rob M (br) wrote: I usually have an allergy to stuff like this, but the first of the Duplass Brothers' "mumblecore" films is both beautifully ambiguous and surprisingly perceptive about romance and family.

Jono F (jp) wrote: great movie dr mahanttans little blue cock like is a deterent but it cool

Blaire M (ag) wrote: ha ha ha ha ha this is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam C (nl) wrote: Wow - why is the film so poorly rated? "An uneasy mix of slapstick and gore" - yes, that is precisely what I liked about it; they took a really disturbing storyline and added zany goofball comedy to lighten the mood. Sure, it's a little clunky at times, but while most genre spoofs overdo the zany comedy (and include no real horror), this one gets the mix just right.

Tommie G (ru) wrote: It was okay, the ending sucked.

Amanda S (us) wrote: Great movie. I loved it.

Heather R (jp) wrote: Everything you might expect from a Kickboxer sequel is here. David Sloane, exotic locations, and trainer Xien are all here. I want to remind everyone of the warehouse shootout to rescue Eric Sloane in the original that helps the mansion shoot out in this sequel to not feel completely out of place in a movie called Kickboxer. What is thoroughly missing in art of war is Tong Po and any memorable music. Not that the music here is bad it actually fits the setting quite well but like I said ultimately forgettable. The fight choreography is about on par with the second movie in the series though filmed better and the slow motion effects are handled much better here.

Jodie Lea S (de) wrote: MMMMMmmmm-Thinking???

Will G (ag) wrote: this competes neck and neck with troll 2 for worst flick of all time

Dean H (br) wrote: Hilarious! I just think of Terrance Hill's optimistic glaring face and I start laughing.

bill s (ca) wrote: I give nothing but well deserved credit to this B movie horror that brings to mind the original Hitcher in it's fast paced,relentless feel.Kudos big time.

Vicki R (ca) wrote: great lines. very memorable and funny.

Ahmed M (ru) wrote: This has to be the worst one, clearly it was made for $$$.

M M (mx) wrote: [FONT=Comic Sans MS]At first, i had thought that the best movie i have ever watched is Notting Hill, Until i watched this Movie.... Heather has magnificient looks and a very outrageous body which is supplemented by her equally good acting, I liked her movie Killing me Softly, but this one was even better does anyone have any idea of what other movies of hers are worth a watch But again, if we come to the realistic part, how can a grown up married lady lead an unknown stalker into her house, let him kiss her and then actually shade her clothes and make love... Not only that, when he hesitates, she actually asks him if he wants to try again The Most surprising part is, she doesnt even know his name or his age until after she has been banged All in all, ill rate this movie as 8/10.... If only had she let the kid undress her ([B]like in Killing me Softly[/B]), would have rated it 11/10[/font]