Olentzero: un cuento de Navidad

Olentzero: un cuento de Navidad


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Olentzero: un cuento de Navidad torrent reviews

Vadim D (ru) wrote: There is some humor in this dud, but the jokes are few and far in between to really work. Other than that, it's a sad state of affairs here that makes you feel bad for everyone involved.

Mi F (gb) wrote: i love the consistancy of hal hartley movies. the delivery of the dialog, the cast, the content. i am never disappointed.

Stephen J (ru) wrote: 90min of Don Knots doing silly facial expressions = avoid

Gordon B (fr) wrote: An infamous X rated female revenge film that earns every bit of its infamy and its X rating.

Michael M (es) wrote: Eastwood revisionist Western with subtle supernatural undertones where revenge is a dish best served ambiguous.

Michael T (jp) wrote: Marlon Brando made some pretty bad films before his career's "resserection" with the twin punches of THE GODFATHER and THE LAST TANGO IN PARIS in 1972-1973, but this film (directed by the very political Italian director of THE BATTLE FOR ALGIERS, Gillo Pontecorvo) is one of his better efforts from his "lost years." It became one of Brando's faves in his later years, but after filming the movie he threatened to kill Pontecorvo if he ever saw him again. Brando plays a British agent, sent by a group of sugar merchants to organize a revolt against the Portuguese colonialists on a Caribbean Island and then ensure that the right (pro-British) government takes over. Years later he finds himself back on the same island, fighting his former protege in what Brando thinks is a gentleman's game. He is wrong of course, the revolution continues. Ennio Morricone provides another great soundtrack.

Kim B (jp) wrote: More like lifeless. I really hate this style of film. Reminded me of another terrible french movie-Last Tango in Paris yuck! I couldn't even tell at first if he had really shot a cop or what. Only cool parts was shots of Paris and her hair. Pretty aimless movie with nonsense dialogue and lead characters. Boring, mostly them just talking in circles going from place to place with not much going on. They both seemed fool of themselves, immature, and pretty emotionless. The whole thing was a waste of time and I really couldn't give a crap about ending. Such a silly film trying to hard to be avant-garde and cool. I guess I would've had to be around during the time to understand it's uniqueness, but today its just dated bad.

Manas K (de) wrote: This is the greatest movie of all time.

Tommy K (gb) wrote: The songs sound very nice, the romance is well-developed, and the animation is absolutely seamless. Despite all these strengths, this movie just isn't my cup of tea. Quite possibly the closest thing to "so good it's bad" from Disney.

Donald D (br) wrote: Great directing and visual style. Fantastic world building of the science fiction universe. Very thorough, thought out plotline, especially since it's using time travel. It's only weakness is that it's a little slow paced.

Tim M (it) wrote: It's fine, it's beautiful, but it's really hard to follow and at over two hours it's very mentally draining. I felt like I just watched a mini-series. Final Score: 5.6/10