Olga's Girls

Olga's Girls

A vicious underworld leader brings the pain for her female underlings in this celebrated sexploitation "roughie," a sequel to White Slaves of Chinatown. Olga (Audrey Campbell) is a woman who, working with "the Syndicate" (a criminal network that encompasses the local mafia and several Russian and Chinese communist operatives), oversees a stable of women who do double duty as prostitutes and drug pushers. Olga is a cruel woman who will tolerate no misbehavior among her charges (many of whom are addicted to "the Big H" and work for her to feed their habits), and subjects them to periodic torture sessions when she feels they aren't living up to her expectations. When Olga discovers that one of her girls has turned informant, she takes it upon herself to beat the truth out of the women until she finds out who has betrayed her, leading several embittered hookers and addicts to turn against their cruel mistress...though Olga ends up having the last word.

Ruthless narcotics dealer and white slavery ring leader Olga keeps her harem of girls in line by hooking them on addictive drugs. Olga suspects an informant in their midst and uses various ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frederic C B (kr) wrote: The Good:Better, beefier, and more exciting action pieces. Mary Louise Parker's Sarah bigger role in the action department is much appreciated. The new and supporting characters are amazing throughout the movie, while the old cast (especially Hellen Mirren's Victoria) continues to shine and kicks more ass in an extravagant way. John Malkovich's Marvin is a scene stealer with his hillarious yet philosophical quips. Anthony Hopkins and Neal McDonough are much MUCH better antagonists than the ones in the prequel. The Not-so-Good:Muddled and confusing plot that's hard to digest at times, unfortunately with predictable outcomes that one would see coming immediately. The continuous bickering between Frank and Sarah gets tired real quick, and feels nagging than cute. Despite her being a part of the mission, Sarah ends up as damsel in distress once more. Many times, Bruce Willis is eclipsed and outshone by fellow cast members eventhough he's supposed to be the lead character.

Mads D (au) wrote: Dette kunne have vret en fantastisk thriller men resultatet er simpelthen for mrkeligt, for kedeligt og for stillestende. Michael Shannon er den eneste oplftende oplevelse. Spild af tid desvrre - isr i betragtning af potentialet.

Natalee K (ca) wrote: "The bass line in 'My Generation'- if you could write that into words that's what you'd want on your grave stone, innit?" Noel Gallagher

Lester B (kr) wrote: Brillant! Best film that I've seen in a while!

Simon D (ca) wrote: This is one of those martial arts films that you have to treat as art. Forget the fact that there is no way that these people can really do those things and just appreciate what you see which is the one film that makes the best use of colour that I have seen, I reckon.

David W (nl) wrote: Visually stunning, but lacks of emotions

David L (de) wrote: In a nutshell this is Rear Window with giant bugs. This is a decent sequel to " Mimic" that works despite its low budget ( most of the film, even the exteriors are shot on a set). It has its own sense of style and actually has some very creepy and scary scenes that are played in shadow. I'm sure its one of those cases of financial necessity leads to creative invention since you can tell they didn't have the budget for huge effects shots. Also you have a solid cast here with Alexis Dziena and Lance Henriksen being the standouts To sum up, This one is worth a look if your in the mood for a good horror rental and if your a fan of Mimic.

Nick H (mx) wrote: Incoherent, contrived and lacks any real story structure. It's basically 90 minutes of sadistic gore porn, and pretty much nothing else. Half a star is being generous.

Tanja S (gb) wrote: So as we destroy nature, we will be destroyed in the process. There's no escaping that conclusion

Shane D (kr) wrote: For some reason, the only thing I had remembered about this film was that it featured Van Damme doing the splits on his kitchen bench. I'd also chalked it up as being the beginning of his box office decline. Surprisingly, I actually felt like this was one of the better JCVD films post 1990. It's not exactly a classic but its definitely his DEMOLITION MAN (ie. A film that critics panned - but on retrospect - its clear the film was judged harshly due to the central stars fading public image). Plus, it also features Ferris Bueller's old lady surprisingly getting her gear off. That's a bonus surely. All in all, it's not as bad an effort as I had long believed.

Lukas Z (jp) wrote: It's enjoyably goofy at times but Amsterdamned suffers from a disappointingly anti-climatic ending.

Roaku S (au) wrote: It is a very good story with a wonderful plot about a man who has a couple of unfortunate events. But lets not spoil the story, it all ends well, sort of. I recommend you all to see it, it is very funny~

Alex S (us) wrote: Okay, the ending is so dumb, it practically folds back on awesome. But that doesn't dismiss the rest of the movie for being obnoxiously moralistic, empty-headed, and worst of all, boring. The movie starts out with all the possibility, what with Bette Davis's manipulative social butterfly and her possibly-incestuous attachment to her brother, and Claude Rain's secret Jewish heritage-- think of all the commentary on women's value and the changing social classes it could get in, but instead there's about an hour and half of Bette Davis playing a ridiculous cartoon flirt.

Nelson S (au) wrote: classic 1990's! DAMN THE MAN! SAVE THE EMPIRE! great movie with shallow enough character building to keep the movie flowing, but deep enough character building to care about each person... at least just a little bit. my favorite character, Fuckin Warren!

Noname (jp) wrote: Not quite one of Brendans Fraser's better movies but still a decent one for sure. It's a perfect adventure/fantasy flick for the whole family with a pretty good story. And there are a few other other famous actors aswell like Helen Mirron and Andy Serkis (Gollum). If u like movies in this genre you will probably enjoy this one aswell. A typical Brendan Fraser movie i would say.

Laura E (us) wrote: I love B movies but this has got to be the world's worst movie ever made. It's a real movie that was so bad a B rating would be a huge upgrade. Stupid plot. Actors trying to act but just ends up being very bad acting. Only way to watch it is with Rifftrax. Ugh!