Olhos de Vampa

Olhos de Vampa

In São Paulo, a beautiful woman is found dead, with a peach in her mouth, a bite in her butt and without blood in the body. Dr. Artur, the chief of police, assigns detective Leôncio to investigate the murder together with the fetishist photographer Oscar. When other women are found dead in the same modus-operandi - i.e., peach in the mouth, bite in the ass, and no blood - the police gives the nickname of "Vampa" to the vampire serial-killer. Without any lead, they decide to follow a sexy and popular night-club dancer on the streets of São Paulo, trying to identify possible suspects.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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In São Paulo, a beautiful woman is found dead, with a peach in her mouth, a bite in her butt and without blood in the body. Dr. Artur, the chief of police, assigns detective Leôncio to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Olhos de Vampa torrent reviews

Yves M (ag) wrote: Watched this film last night and really enjoyed it up until the end. It's a very realistic portrayel of life in Israel/Palestine, with a very romantic love story. I didn't enjoy the ending. I'll explain why (spoilers!). Roy didn't need to pretend to be Nimer so the cops would chase him, they were on his tail as "Roy" anyway. And he didn't need to tell the head of the secret service that he'd send Nimer on a boat to France (thereby incriminating himself). It wasn't realistic. I felt that the tragic ending could have been avoided, but independent film makers rarely want a happy ending. However, I'm giving it four stars because it's a very well made film.

Patrick D (us) wrote: Mrs Foot's Trolley Problem as action thriller. A fine last appearance from Alan Rickman.

Wen W (fr) wrote: A comfortably uncomfortable situation

Obisidiana B (us) wrote: a twisted yet touching story

Myra H (br) wrote: i like all vampire movies,lots of action and suspense.

Esperana G (ag) wrote: It gets that because Verastegui is a talentless yet hot babe. Otherwise, the movie utterly sucks!

Jevro W (fr) wrote: I have no idea why this movie got such bad reviews, i thought it was highly original and very slick.

Matthew H (au) wrote: A predictable, run-of-the-mill action movie, Grosse Pointe Blank uses its main character's likability as well as some very dark comedy to grip the audience, and it works for the most part. For a Saturday night movie, it'll do.

Elisabeth M (fr) wrote: I want to see it again it has been too long I want the movie version of the melissa etheridge songs

Kyle V (gb) wrote: Being a Werner Herzog movie I already give it an automatic 3 stars. One thing Werner Herzog knows how to capture above all else is the beauty of the landscape he is filming. He does the same thing in Rescue Dawn, Aguirre: The Wrath of God, Fitzcarraldo and Encounters at The End Of The World. Several moments in this film, it feels like he purposely framed the sky and the earth so that its divided down the middle, and even if he cranes the camera up, he tilts it so that the landscape never changes this perfect division that he has made. It's really an interesting film technique.As is the case in alot of Werner's films, it has this gritty feel to it, which can be accounted to in all of Herzog's films. Almost always, his films capture the action in his fiction stories with a very realistic feel to it. you never feel like you're watching something captured on a set, cause really...Werner Herzog doesn't believe in sets. He believes more than anything in ALWAYS filming out in the open. I don't think I have seen a herzog film yet that has a majority of interior scenes to the exterior scenes. I guess that's one thing that gives it the herzog feel. The natural lighting, the scope of the landscape, and the documentary feel to his films. It's really an interesting style that is uniquelly his own, and I can always respect his style of filmmaking, even if i can't say that I really enjoy the storylines of his films. I will always watch a Herzog film moreso to watch his beautiful camera work and for the overall thril of knowing that most of the stunts, people and Sequences are real. There's no faking it in a Herzog film.

Tristan N (de) wrote: Very exaggerated. Still kinda nice but.. nah.

Joey S (gb) wrote: A little to long but for jake and ruffy gotta like it