Olimpius Inferno

Olimpius Inferno

The movie is based on the events in South Ossetia in August 2008, and portraying a brutal Georgian army engaging in ethnic cleansing at the behest of its omnipresent American masters.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Russian,English,Georgian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:journalist,   murder,   battle,  

The movie is based on the events in South Ossetia in August 2008, and portraying a brutal Georgian army engaging in ethnic cleansing at the behest of its omnipresent American masters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hannah M (ag) wrote: Now THAT, Gerard Butler, is how you play the Phantom.I am a megafan of the original show who *hated* the movie. In particular, I hated Butler, for two major reasons. First of all, the man is not a TERRIBLE singer, but this is the worst possible musical for him. I had similar feelings seeing Nick Jonas in the concert cast of Les Miserables. His singing voice does not fit the character, the theatrical style, or the songs, and as such, he destroys everything he sings in the movie (including my second favorite showtune of all eternity). Secondly, Butler's Phantom is a very odd portrayal. The Phantom is equal parts menacing and pathetic, but Butler simply comes across as fairly cranky in every scene.Ramin Karimloo fixes all those problems. I've seen three different live performances of Phantom, and he was easily on par with the best of those. His Phantom is fascinating to watch - at times, he is the most pitiful creature, and then he suddenly switches gears and is in a murderous rage. He has the voice to go with the character, too - it's easy to believe his talent has made him both Christine's vocal teacher and seductor.Although at first I wasn't sure about Sierra Boggess, she ultimately brings a level of compassion to the role that I haven't seen in many other Christines. Her Christine is not drawn to the Phantom solely because of his voice and her lack of willpower - she is pulled back again and again because she *wants to help*. The final scene, where she bids the Phantom goodbye, was extremely moving - even as she gains her independence and takes it, you can see her wishing she could bring the Phantom some happiness. Not because she is in love with him, by any means, but because his sorrow touches her deeply.This production's Raoul is the low point, however. Patrick Wilson was my favorite part of the 2004 version, and Hadley Fraser is... rather despicable. Instead of being the Phantom's antithesis, a sweet and reassuring character, he, too, treats Christine as if she were a child, singing every line with an oddly commanding tone. "All I Ask of You" was particularly bizarre - in the scene leading up to it, he responded to her (very legitimate) fears with annoyed facial expressions and deliveries that did not match his words. When he did begin the famous love song, he looked not at Christine, but directly out at the audience, giving the impression that he was saying what needed to be said to calm down his hysterical girlfriend, but that he'd really rather not be there. I kept thinking any minute he was going to roll his eyes as he sang words he clearly didn't believe. I usually dislike the character of Raoul, but for his spinelessness - and here I found him *missing* that spinelessness, because at least it had a touch of the sweet to it.The show is shot fairly well, although there are moments I wish we saw more of the stage (I always love seeing Phantom from the last row of the theater, since so many scenes are SO BIG and SO BUSY). For technical reasons, the spectacular Act 1 finale chandelier crash couldn't happen, so instead the chandelier merely sparks and goes out - so much less impressive, but still fairly effective.Overall, despite the bizarre acting choices of Raoul, I loved this. It's been far too long since I've seen this show on stage, and I forgot how transcendant this show can be for me. It was the first professional stage production I ever saw, and it remains one of my very favorites, and I'm delighted there is a movie version I can not-hate now. Definitely worth a watch for anyone who likes musicals.

Jeremy S (ag) wrote: We walked out. I'm biased toward thinking French and quirky are persuasive and still was unpersuaded by this paint-by-numbers contrivance. Nothing is conveyed ; it's all shown or told. When we are to believe that the couple is struggling, the actors mug posture as struggling and the overvoice tells us they are. Unbelievable in a bad way. The chemistry with the kid especially. An unedited screenplay in which the husband scolds the wife not to defy the doctors and then insists that they escape the hospital, ending up on a magnificent beach with their just diagnosed baby's head bouncing in the high winds. Silly, inconsistent and lame.

Joe T (mx) wrote: Slow, very slow. If it weren't for Patricia Clarkson it would have earned a solid 10%. High marks for scenery and political correctness.

Mary Ellen J (ru) wrote: eye opening, beautiful images. slow pace which is just right to take it in. these topics should not be rushed thru. contemplative on a huge scale. quality documentary film making. Edward Burtynsky effectively shares his important (albeit dark) message via this educational film.

noel f (kr) wrote: **i think it was well paced... great martial arts stuff... cute girl :)... although forwared some scenes because I thought they were just a waste of time... great OST epic rules...

Andres G (gb) wrote: Another revision about vampire stories.Quite original, though.

Scott S (nl) wrote: I loved it. Absolutely.

Matt W (jp) wrote: Hilarious. Painfully so.

Jasper K (ru) wrote: Hopkins does an okay job but it's the obnoxious screams from the girl in her dreams that annoys the heck out of me.

Gary L (it) wrote: It was hard to watch this without thinking of "Down and Out in Beverly Hills" - the remake - but the direction and scene compositions were always interesting to watch. It's sometimes hard to watch old classic comedies, but it's worth seeing this. One of the "1001 movies to see before you die" recommendations..

Guido S (au) wrote: Owen Wilson is a homeless ex soldier type. He goes around begging for money to get by. Some kids at the local high school are being bullied and seek out a bodyguard to help protect them. Seeing as they dont have much money, their options are few and far between. So the two come together. Drillbit offers them training to help. He teaches them how to toughen up and appear fearless, but it is an uphill battle. Along the way, they find he isn't so trustworthy and is using them to take things from their house. In typical comedy fashion, everything works out for everyone in the end. Wilson is good, but really can't carry the movie. The kids are just annoying. I know bullying is frowned upon today, but I just couldn't get behind these kids. There are some jokes, but not many. Could have been better.

Ryan S (us) wrote: The first half is solid, but it falls apart by the end, but is still pretty entertaining.

Charlene F (es) wrote: Bought at Half Price Books and finally watched it. Another study on the human condition, and sad. Jodie Foster and Tim Robbins twenty years younger and good good actors then!!