Oliver Sherman

Oliver Sherman

Feeling lost and disconnected, with no family of his own, veteran Sherman Oliver sets out to the countryside in search of the soldier who saved him back in the war. That man, Franklin Page,...

Feeling lost and disconnected, with no family of his own, veteran Sherman Oliver sets out to the countryside in search of the soldier who saved him back in the war. That man, Franklin Page,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jackson C (es) wrote: I've said for a while that the Chinese film industry (well this is not entirely mainland China) needs a dark gritty crime film. Blind Detective has scenes that does it so brilliantly well, as it is both eerie and gritty, but it is blended with comedic effects that appeals to the Chinese audience more, but it works and it really is quite entertaining. The logic behind the entire story is not entirely logical, and I'm sure it isn't supposed to be, it is a film that successfully emerges audience into the big screen because of the rather over-the-board acting by both leads. A well paced and easy-to-like movie.

alex f (ca) wrote: Very interesting documentary... I just didnt like the film maker who depresses the viewer. Im not sure if the film wanted to highlight the music or the environment, regardless there was too much of each to get clarity on either.

Nathan W (au) wrote: I had never heard of this, noticed Michael Fassbender's name was attached to it so thought I'd give it a go and overall I thought it was a good movie. I was just annoyed at what happened in the story which I won't explain because otherwise it would spoil it.

Jason D (kr) wrote: Space Zombies vs. Space Pirates. To be more specific, Plaguers follows a small fuel transport spaceship and crew who are heading back to Earth with an unknown neon green energy source before they hear the distress call of a wrecked ship containing sexy space nurses as lone survivors. When it is revealed that the sexy space nurses are actually sexy space pirates, the crew is taken hostage, but doesn't last long when the energy source spits all over someone turning them into a hideous space zombie that quickly starts spreading the disease throughout the tiny crew. The bad news: nothing kills these zombies, the good news: they are about as threatening as an insect, but then again, so are the humans in this bumbling, over-acted, laugh-a-thon. The film was written and directed by Brad Sykes who, at 19 directed films and 21 written films, is sluggishly progressing slower than the likes of Uwe Boll with his talents as a writer and director. Still (and that's a big still), when compared so some of his other films (Camp Blood 1 & 2, Death Factory, Mutation), Plaguers seems like Oscar gold. Sadly, there is a lack of nudity, as well as star power, save for the great Steve Railsback (Blue Monkey, Turkey Shoot, Trick or Treats, The Devil's Rejects) who is top-billed yet plays a small supporting character, a charismatic android immune to the space zombies (a total rip-off of the Bishop character from Aliens). One of the biggest highlights are the films special effects. Not the digital ones (oh heavens no), but the actual zombie and gore make-up effects, which look pretty good for such a low budget film. As part of the endless abyss of low-budget horror films that come out in droves, Plaguers isn't all that bad. As a legit film, it's a bit laughable.

James C (au) wrote: A gang of inquisitive teens break into an abonded hotel with a bloody past. But when they find a severed mummified hand, the wake an evil that will stop at nothing to kill them all.This is your generic 'teens spend a night in a haunted building' type of movie that you have seen countless times before with a couple of ideas from The Shining thrown in for good measure. The characters and acting are bulk standard, but the inclusion of genre great Udo Kier in the cast does bring a bit of class to the proceedings. The sets are very well designed and really brings the idea of the rotting hotel to mind. The gore is minimal, and at most is a few broken bones and a lot of people covered in varying amounts of blood. The story is very hackneyed, and tries hard to be more than the sum of it;s parts. In the end this is nothing new, and not a bad movie if you are looking to watch something that you really don't have to think about.

Bill B (gb) wrote: One of those films that I've always heard of, but had never got around to seeing just because of the way that the people behind the production chose to promote it, essentially spamming horror movie message boards about how great the film was, how excited they were for it to come out, but never really admitting that they were a part of the film's street-team. That said, this was awful, pretentious wankery as a guy just kills and wanders around Vegas, then kills some more, it's pretty fucking pointless.Pass, unless your morbid curiosity gets the better of you.

josh m (mx) wrote: Godzilla galores throughout this, typical monster movie. Possesing great battle sequences and tons of action. Godzilla vs megaguirus is a more mature Godzilla film. But is pretty typical of a godzilla. But nonetheless great.

Roy C (mx) wrote: There's something very unsettling about it. I don't know what it is exactly, but whatever it is, it's there.

Kristy P (it) wrote: Eh...mostly melodrama. Very low-budget.

Brinn O (de) wrote: Its gross out stupidness might apply to die hard Chevy fans and thats all.

Adam W (kr) wrote: I didnt realise sword fighting could be this boring, Pathfinder is so uninspiring I struggled to finish the film..

Benjamin O (de) wrote: Musical babynapping.

Anna H (us) wrote: coming of age movie that has an amazing italian song

Jennie J (de) wrote: BF had never seen this, and I have always liked it. It's a bit dated, but just the Dad's one liners are worth watching again!

Chad D (us) wrote: it took me nearly 30 years to see this. wish i had not. i know it is somewhat based on a true story but i still find it anti-american.

Rangan R (br) wrote: This movie was based on the short story 'Hateship, Friensdhip, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage' which won the Noble prize in literature a decade ago. A pure drama about a middle aged single woman whose life was dedicated to her profession. Just like similar to the 'Finding Vivian Maier', except there was no photographies involved. Frankly, I was not predicted that this film would impress me a lot. Picked it to watch without an interest, but while a watch surprised and glued to my seat to the rest of the film. Even though there were fine actors in the movie like Guy Pearce and latest sensation Hailee Steinfield, it was a Kristen Wiig show. Apart from voice-over for the animations and other supporting roles, she was not seen in a top form recently. Her commitment to the character she played as Johanna Perry the live-in caretaker in the movie was inevitable to appreciate. Feels very real who fall for a teenagers prank that actually influence her life to turn it around. So how and what are the things to be done against the odds are displayed well.''The only thing worse thanfriendship is hateship.'' Kind of 'second chance' theme, if you get one you must seize it. Though, it was not that simple in the movie, but developed at a fair dosage of obstacles between 'the desperate' and 'the hope' to form balanced account. Don't consider it an inspirational, it was just pieces of common event that's happening everywhere, but creatively put into the texts and then cinematic. Commercializable title that did not suit for a realistic narration. Especially not in todays world, might have been a perfect title 20-25 years ago. Once you watch it the perspective will change that still movie like this are made for the silver screen, not direct-to-television, but what? Sadly commercially fails. If you observe closely the end scene, it was very practical to the real life. Whether we accept our fate as it happened or we created it, the flaws always remain, especially in a relationship. That's what the entire movie unfolds, how people cope with each other despite what they were before. A very well told simple story. Of course it was a slow narration, not because of the stretched from a short story, but to give the depth in the portrayal. This movie is for ardent drama fans like me, for a change others as well should try this little sweet movie.8/10