Oliver's Story

Oliver's Story

Oliver Barrett IV is emotionally devastated by the death of his wife Jenny, and, while he tries to lose himself in his work as a lawyer, the long hours don't ease his pain, especially when he finds that his leftist views conflict with those of the senior partners at the firm. Eventually, Oliver's inconsolable grief begins to alienate those around him, until he finds new love with Marcie Bonwit, the wealthy and beautiful heiress to the Bonwit Teller fortune. Despite his affection for her, Oliver finds it difficult to leave the memory of Jenny behind, which causes major problems in their relationship..

In this sequel to Love Story (1970)| grieving Oliver is being pressured by his in-laws to move on and take part in the family
business. He meets a pretty heiress and they start dating| but memories of Jennie come rushing back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vrettos L (mx) wrote: Funny, heartful, inventive at times.

Hunter I (es) wrote: Is this suppose to be funny, because it's not, it's fucking disturbing.

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Brandon S (de) wrote: For all of its narrative shortcomings, this private eye (played by Liam Neeson) is a deeply interesting character in the way that the detectives of the classic film noir were. The only difference is that here Mr. Neeson has the whole breadth of independent cinema freedom to play with, and the camera can do more.However, for all of the disturbing and unsettling, 21st century cinema specific elements, this is a truly old-fashioned mystery story that doesn't try to reinvent the wheel or change the form. Simple cinema told with complexity, and isn't that what we're after from suspense stories anyhow?

Adam R (it) wrote: Certainly an unusual movie. It's obviously intended to be ludicrous, so you can't fault it for that. I didn't care for some of its crude and tasteless content though, but I otherwise found it to be silly and entertaining. It's worth seeing once. (First and only viewing - 11/5/2015)

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Giffy G (jp) wrote: The ONLY good thing about this movie was Steve Buscemi. Granted, he was amazing enough to watch to the end, just to see what he did next, and I give this movie MAD MAD props for having the sickly, dying-from-AIDS character still alive at the end (there are SO few movies that allow the AIDS character to live), but the storyline was convoluted and poorly structured. The actors were unconvincing. The dialogue was forced. It was not a really good movie.

Lesley A (ag) wrote: good but sequels never beat the original

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