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It looks like Vishnu and Sumathi are targeted by beings from outer space. An old man who appears to know what is happening, passes Sumathi a book, telling her to read it and to be careful. Since that day he experiences strange incidents around him and his wife. He then sees a bright ray of light. Things change once Vishnu falls while carrying out his work in a cave. They have been married for the past seven years but have not been gifted with a child. The story is about Vishnu, a geologist and his wife, Sumathi, a teacher

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Users reviews

Aaron G (au)

How did such a solid concept turn into such a schlocky, low-brow B-movie?

Amara R (it)

I know I've seen this, but I can't remember if I really liked it or if I just remember it as good because I love John Goodman so much, So now that I am reminded of its existance I shall have to rent it on 2/99 cent night next Tuesday! YAY!

Darrin C (br)

Not a well planned movie and has a somewhat confusing ending, but worth seeing for all the violence!

David M (ca)

Total waste of time, and all in black and white. Love Kirk Douglas, but this movie does not work on any level

Duke D (jp)

ems like DePalma might have seen this first. . . I saw Redacted first and then saw this

Emile H (jp)

But for what it's worth, the battle between man and ape has never looked so good. That's not to say the ensuing action isn't wonderful, nor Gary Oldman's character's motivations entirely questionable, but it causes a lack of escalation to what could be a moving third act. The problem is that the story does a great job combining the human and ape characters toward an understanding, but the misunderstanding, once brought in, leads to the tensions being very forced. The special effects are almost impressive, with the CGI apes looking almost realistic. The movie is an intelligent look into the understanding of two sides, although unfortunately there is always some seedy underbelly within

Francisco L (br)

Flightplan counts with an amazing performance by Jodie Foster that elevates the tension of the plot, however it isn't original enough or unpredictable enough, making this movie be less thrilling than it could have been

Gabriel C (gb)

Burn After Reading is a well executed film from the Coens with a sharp script and enjoyably over-the-top performances from Brad Pitt and John Malkovich

Guido S (nl)

Pretty decent comedy for the time and still is pretty funny. Eventually, the town is over swept in riots and they must go to save the day. However, they will not let him go. Guttenberg plays plenty of tricks on his instructors and superiors trying to do his best to get expelled so he won't have to be there anymore. In a city where crime is at an all time high, the police have to resort to letting anyone join so starts Police Academy. Steve Guttenberg is given the option of going to jail or joining the police force, so he joins the police force

Matt M (gb)

The subject is certainly an awkward one to deal with and though Eastwood tells it with enough class and delicacy it comes across as weaker than Hal Ashby's Harold and Maude, which is similar and came out just two years previous. Despite their opposite personalities and age difference, the two fall in love. A young free-spirited hippie who calls herself Breezy meets a middle aged wealthy playboy