Egon Olsen has been behind bars for some time, but that hasn't stopped the criminal mastermind from making a plan - a plan to steal a very valuable golden statue, and never to fall behind ...

. . Egon Olsen has been behind bars for some time, but that hasn't stopped the criminal mastermind from making a plan - a plan to steal a very valuable golden statue, and never to fall behind

Olsen-banden is a excited movies torrent of Erik Balling, Henning Bahs. The released year of this movie is 1968. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example Arve Opsahl, Carsten Byhring, Sverre Holm, Aud Schønemann, Sverre Wilberg, Georg Richter, Solfrid Heier, Pål Johannessen, Stein Thorsrud, Willie Hoel, Ingeborg Cook, Lillian Lydersen, Kari-Laila Thorsen, Synnøve Strigen, Kari Diesen. There are many categories, such as Crime. This movie was rated by 7.1 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie to watch. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Cam E (br)

Do not watch this film, there is nothing for you here. Pat Mortia and Ralph Macchio's excellent acting are what keep this film from becoming a disaster. It was pretty much just a few flips and kicks. And the last fight was pretty lame and there was barely even a punch. The last moment of this film was also boring as it just skipped all the matches and just went on to the last one. The fight scenes are just plain boring and there is barely even a punch. It's a shame because the first film is a great one and the two sequels could have been good and that opportunity was frankly wasted. But sadly it failed to impress. I only watched this film because I was hoping that maybe, just maybe this may be a little better than The Karate Kid 2. And obviously I was right. After seeing The Karate Kid 2 I didn't plan on watching this film as I assumed it would be another disappointment. Now The Karate Kid 3 is even more disappointing. The Karate Kid 2 was bad enough, that was a disappointing sequel. The Karate Kid franchise just continues to go downhill. This is a joke

Daniel S (br)

This film is terrifying. " Oh the irony. In the words of the lead pastor from this film, "The devil goes after the young, those who cannot fend for themselves

Donovan N (ag)

Im only gonna give it a 3 b/c they really didnt play hardly any AC/DC songs?! And especially Thunderstruck!!

Edmund C (br)

'm quite sure they didn't use computer effects at that time, hence it's all raw and real, and a talent-dense scene! A cool surprise was seeing Gene Kelly sharing a scene with animated characters, and considering it was only 1945 then, the scene was splendid!. 2' with 2 dozen other young pianists! (One of my favourite piano songs). There is a high amount of musical talent put on show here, namely Kathryn Grayson's amazingggg soprano, and Jos Iturbi performing Liszt's 'Hungarian Rhapsody No

Jenna I (de)

For all of its humor and bluntness, it stays super grounded and sincere-- manages to never become kitschy -- which is really the charm of both the character and the movie. Very charming, very easy to see why this is such an underground hit

Martin B (gb)

That's cool. Rumour say that Richard Attenboroughs fee for making his part was the price of one pint of beer. Too bad, it could really had been something. The actors are ok, but it dosen't really get to any funny point. The idea of the actors talking directly to the godlike dirctor is fun

Nadeem M (es)

a powerful melodrama !

Private U (gb)

Cute and I love Marilyn

Thomas K (es)

It's a guilty pleasure. I kinda liked it. Yeah, it's actually much better than people say it was, but it would pretty much have to be

Ued O (ca)

The night vision thing was silly and perhaps the detective should have been the one to kill the hitman. Seemed like a retell of road to perdition