Olsenbanden jr. Mestertyvens skatt

Olsenbanden jr. Mestertyvens skatt


Follows the Junior Olsen Gang as they hunt down missing tax money stolen from a bank in 1835. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Olsenbanden jr. Mestertyvens skatt torrent reviews

Ashley M (au) wrote: It's a pretty good movie and I enjoyed watching it

Daniel P (us) wrote: maybe the worst film I have ever seen.

Troy K (it) wrote: So original that I couldn't help but like it.

Diana C (ag) wrote: this movie is full of WUT?

Pete G (ca) wrote: Good film thats easy to watch, not a big enough twist for me as it was only one of two ways, good movie tho

Sandra R (br) wrote: Reminds me a lot of The Hangover.

Benjamin R (kr) wrote: I love Robin Williams, Jodie Benson and Marcia Harden. But there talents are wasted on this film. Good film to watch at school. But the only truly enjoyable moment is before the basketball game when the coach gives his "infamous" speech.

Cody Y (fr) wrote: Sigourney Weaver gives it her all when no one else does. She alone is pretty much the only reason for checking this out. It's nice to see fairy tales that revert back to their original dark and twisted roots. For a superior example of that check out In the Company of Wolves.

mr m (de) wrote: A powerful movie about apartied,South Africa.

Margarita C (gb) wrote: honestly I love this movie it was really inspiring and just good.

Samantha S (ru) wrote: Fairly cute. Shown originally with "I Love the Nightlife" and then some generic song was grafted on for VHS - now, who knows?

Jeff R (fr) wrote: Stiller and Gerwig and Baumback somehow make a movie about an unlikable and disturbed character likable and interesting and enjoyable in a strange and quirky way.My favorite kind of Stiller performance.

Adam S (ca) wrote: A decent mob movie starring the ever stoic Jack Webb. Peggy Lee isn't too bad but she's only really in it for about ten minutes.