Olsenbanden jr. og det sorte gullet

Olsenbanden jr. og det sorte gullet


The story is set in the 1960s. Norwegian engineers are searching for oil and our main character, Egon Olsen, convinces his friends to buy stocks in the oil market In the process, Egon, stumbles upon a scheme to fool the Norwegian Government that there is indeed no traces of oil in the North Sea. The Olsen Gang tries to tell the ministry the truth about the oil but they are caught by the bad guy, Sheik El-Altan, who in order to make sure the boys keep their mouths shut, kidnaps, Valborg, and brings her to Egypt. Egon and his two friends decide to rescue Valborg and embark upon an adventurous trip to Egypt and the Pyramids. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvia R (ag) wrote: Well done, based on true story political triller. Keeps you on the edge ot your chair.

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Courtney H (nl) wrote: Well.....It was really really slow. The first half of the movie was of girls dancing. Literally, that was the first half... Nothing else was going on.

Marc B (jp) wrote: Rutger has the look for any good Sci-Fi; shame it had to be too many bad ones.. stick to Blade Runner and Blood of Heroes

Brandon B (us) wrote: A tour de force by Colin Firth in an alright movie.

Dave J (it) wrote: Escape from exploding volcaoes

Andrew M (ca) wrote: it feels like i'm watching borat!!!

Eric R (fr) wrote: A pretty great film dealing with the social-political landscape of Yugoslavia during the 60s. Its a film that satirizes the working conditions and overall problems Yugoslavia faced on the industrial front, while trying to keep pace with the rest of the world. Its actually pretty amazing taht this was Makavejev's first film, as its one of the best debuts I have ever seen. The film uses a hypnotist whom appears throughout, as an analogy for the Yogoslavian government. The commentary is a little forced, as Makavejev was still in the process of honing his skills; but still a great first effort.

Spencer H (it) wrote: A horror movie with out horror and with bland as hell characters Final Destination is a pile of bull.

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Elana G (ru) wrote: I didn't read the book. Found the movie thought-provoking, well-acted and visually stunning with never a dull moment. What more could you ask from a sci-fi flick? LOVED it.