Olympian Holiday

Olympian Holiday

After a mixup at the check-in, Aimo Niemi boards a charter plane bound for the sunny island of Rhodes, Greece, instead of the Innsbruck Winter Olympics he's packed for. It's the early days of package tourism, and he is too shy and clueless to really sort out any of his problems — a suitcase filled with women's clothes, a flirtatious female roommate, and no money to buy food since he was prepared for full room & board in Austria.

A shy Finn boards a wrong plane and ends up on a beach holiday instead of skiing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake T (mx) wrote: I'll wait for Netflix.

Kelsey K (gb) wrote: All I have to say is that this movie really didn't have to be made (and shouldn't have been made)

Jordi P (ru) wrote: Desgraciadament l'han comparat amb Amlie, i ja se sap que les comparacions sn odioses

Grant T (fr) wrote: A mildly amusing movie that has a few good laughs. The second half of the movie is pretty boring but overall not too bad

Kruna P (jp) wrote: s obzirom na to da Beyonce glumi glavnu ulogu,film je cak i nadmasio moja ocekivanja.i 'listen' je odlicna stvar.

Chucky (mx) wrote: April 14th 2011April 24th 2013

tony p (au) wrote: I love this movie! Very satisfying and circular in a very Mamet way. Yes, you see the ending coming but yes, it still startles you!

Eric H (it) wrote: Mesmerising, if only for the performance by Grazyna Szapolowska as the widow who moves through the film and ignites every scene. Beautiful and tragic at once she emanates power over the audience and one cannot turn away. I had not realised how much this film must have influenced some established mainstream films that we assume to be original. Obviously many of them owe a great debt to this story. Told unflinchingly by Kieslowski in a unshowy manner it still demonstrates moments of brilliant insights into the human condition. The pain and torture we must endure after such heartache runs through the the heart of this film. I particularly liked the little moments as always, such as the glass slipping through her fingers, the dog trying to get in the car, the dirt on her hands from the bumper whilst witnessing the accident, the hypnotherapy session where she sees him. All simple and yet so elegant. No hammering it through to the audience with big signposting saying 'Remember this for later!'. Why don't more films treat the audience with a tiny bit more intelligence or is the majority of film going to assume we are all thick. And just because a film is mainstream doesn't mean it has to be low brow.

Deborah H (au) wrote: heart warming family movie about a 15 year old boy and his dog who saves his life