Om kärlek

Om kärlek

At a prom ball, Peter and Helen catch each other's eyes over the children's heads. Peter is desperate to meet Helen and follows her to Mallorca, where she plans to spend her holiday with her husband.

At a prom ball, Peter and Helen catch each other's eyes over the children's heads. Peter is desperate to meet Helen and follows her to Mallorca, where she plans to spend her holiday with her husband. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan A (au) wrote: Qu (C) bien me lo he pasado con esta peli! Una aut (C)ntica 'rara avis' en el cine espaol. No va de guerras civiles, no es propaganda zapateril, ni nada de eso. Pero, lo ms fuerte, es... que no est subvencionada!!!!Un buen ejemplo de lo que se puede hacer y no se hace.

Bill E (us) wrote: It was ridiculous compared to the first. there is no way a U.S. president would support a cult leader and one hiding his face at that. there were too many references to ALL the characters from the first film which made it hard to follow. Thought the actress playing the main characters niece was a horrible actress that should stick to commercials or campy Japanese dramas. You have to watch this one if you care to see the final installment or just skip them both and perhaps not miss much. I recommend just watching the first and then finish it by reading the comic.

Johnyy T (de) wrote: Great film with heatvlast and diamond head

Ola S (fr) wrote: Turkish passion story about the university teacher, slowly getting closer to middleage, and the 15 year old younger girl. He's dominant. He's close to brutality. She has difficulties breathing and leaves him.Long takes and most of the acting is from expressions in the actors' eyes and from their silence. But there's great nerve here, and on the contrary to "faster" movies, you definitely don't know that's gonna happend next. But the problem is that you have problems getting near these people, even if the camera is close to them all the time.

Private U (de) wrote: Fairly poor movie... It tries to look good, it tries so hard, even pushes a lesbian kiss in there... It just can't quite be good though.

Queen of The Universe (ca) wrote: This bytch was a bad azzzz call girl in this movie.

Tom S (ca) wrote: A masterpiece. A depressing masterpiece. A depressing masterpiece that you might not ever want to watch again.

Scott W (fr) wrote: A brilliant and effective wartime propaganda effort from Powell and Pressburger that manages to enliven prosaic Nazi stereotypes with good character performances, in particular from Eric Portman as the Nazi Lieutenant and Niall McGinnis as the reluctant Nazi who wants to go back to his pre-war job as a baker. There are some tremendous appearances from actors including Leslie Howard, Raymond Massey - who provides a wonderful last line for the film - Anton Walbrook who gives a moving and sincere speech against Nazism, Glynis Johns, only let down by Laurence Olivier with a terrible French accent.

Yash B (us) wrote: Nice animated adventure that is visually impressive even today. It is very story driven that makes it better than a lot of movies. I enjoyed this movie and recommend it to fans of unique animation.

David H (gb) wrote: Great real-life mafia film. Lots of great performances and a compelling story, and largely rewatchable, in my experience. Unfortunately, like Pacino's character Lefty, it is relegated to second banana against greater films like Goodfellas because, also like Lefty, it does its job but doesn't go all the way. That's not to say it's a bad film; a real-life story with a phony ending would have been worse. However, the real-life reality is that Joseph Pistone's case was pulled before a dramatic real-life tragedy could have occurred, preventing an ending that would have been more cinematically dramatic. Not a flawed film by any means (except maybe the soundtrack), and definitely worth watching for any fans of the organized crime/cop genre.

Will W (au) wrote: Another bloody funny 2 hours from the cornetto team. This I would argue is even better than its predecessor, with more complex characters and morals and some of the funniest moments in cinema history. Fantastic.

Kyle M (it) wrote: The happy heart is built up by a story worth telling and worth filming with good cast and their moments of spreading happiness, setting this as a pre-show to the forthcoming, more natural and less harden "Dolphin Tale" with a similar message. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Courtney K (jp) wrote: i laughed a couple times; but i don't care to see it again.

Mat R (es) wrote: Even though the story is a bit naive and far-fetched, the movie offers some nice moments, like the performances and smile-provoking scenes.