Where shall we put grandma? Her permanently anxious and stressed daughter, Marie, knows exactly where: the neighbourhood’s idyllically situated retirement homem where she can find friends of “her own age”. But Granny has other ideas: She wants to see the Pope in Rome, and no one can stop her plan. She wants to finally confess a troubling sin to the highest possible power. She resolves to make the journey alone, and ends up one day on the doorstep of her granddaughter, Martina. What she doesn’t know is that Martina has a secret too, and that a private audience with the Pope is virtually impossible for mere mortals. Together with sly bon vivant, Lorenzo, the three set off on an adventure – but their attempt to receive a Papal blessing almost ends in disaster.

Marguerita wants to go to Rome and see the Pope. She succeeds - but with countless adventures along the way, including a charming con man, a rocker bartender granddaughter, a perpetually worrying daughter and, of course, the Pope. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Omamamia torrent reviews

Pablo M (it) wrote: Its an ok pharody as shaun of the dead, indian style. was more fun than the 200 millon dolar zombie war z, but the script goes empty as the movie advance. is watchable-

Eliabeth W (de) wrote: Not bad at all. Good zombie fun.

Camille L (ca) wrote: 3 ans apres l'annulation de la serie, les 2 createurs de Drawn Together nous livrent un final plutot convaincant auquel ils ajoutent une reflexion sur le monde de la TV a l'habituel deluge de vulgarite habituel. Si l'on retrouve tous les elements de la serie, on les remerciera d'avoir centre le film sur les personnages vraiment interessants et en supprimant tres vite les personnages en trop. Le film ne tient pas la duree, certes, mais il essaie, et c'est deja pas mal. Uniquement pour les fans.

Larry R B (au) wrote: Turned off after 20 minutes! WTF? Was it shot in someone's basement?

Anthony K (de) wrote: Not terrible, but not really a horror movie. More like a really dark drama. The lead actor definitely gives an excellent performance, but I think they could have gone creepier...scarier.

Kristy M (mx) wrote: It was good until the boyfriend came in and started talking about having the girl raped by her pet dog. I couldnt stomach this crap and turned it off. I hate that kind of shit.

Doc S (ru) wrote: This is one of my all time favs... Joe Clark was one bad m(shutyamouth)...

Sally A (es) wrote: 4:50 From Paddington is one of my favourite Agatha Christie novels and whilst this doesn't stick very closely to the story it is still very entertaining! Maragaret Rutherford is the cheekiest Miss Marple by far!

Jill R (au) wrote: Jay and silent bob strike back is a decent comedy that is worth seeing. I enjoyed this film but it is kind of disappointing. Though the cast is great and it made me laugh the problem that I had with it was it was exhausting and not all of the jokes hit though I enjoyed it for what it was. Overall Jay and silent bob strike back is a decent little comedy worth seeing.Grade B-

Christian M (br) wrote: This is a pretty decent movie it's not really bad but not really good either, it's one of those films you watch and go "Ok interesting" after ending it

Denise A (kr) wrote: I liked this movie. Jada Pinkett Smith did a great performance on this movie.

Angela S (br) wrote: Love this movie. One of my favorites..

Art S (au) wrote: Dreamlike in its pacing and its visuals, del Toro's latest ode to horror takes the form of a gothic woman-in-peril picture (e.g. Gaslight, Rebecca), set at the end of the 19th century. The opening scene, a flashback to a childhood brush with a ghost for Edith (Mia Wasikowska), is fantastic in its Bava-esque colour scheme and spooky CGI ghost (embodied by Doug Jones from Pan's Labyrinth). But the film becomes rather deadly matter-of-fact after that, as we follow Edith's grown-up story: she is seduced by Baronet Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) who is visiting America with his sister (Jessica Chastain with black hair - this is goth, after all) and when her father is murdered, she marries Sharpe and moves to England to the weird house they share. Apparently del Toro had the house actually built and it is a monstrosity with a working lift at its heart, creepy apparitions within its dark hallways, and blood red dirt oozing up through the snow around it. Of course, Sharpe and his sister have secrets that they are hiding and Edith is soon in danger - but the ghosts, scary though they are in del Toro's gruesome depictions, may be helping her. Overall, del Toro manages to keep things together by worshipping the themes of the gothic noir and not letting things get too over-ripe or cartoonish (as Tim Burton might do). But some judicious tightening would surely have helped matters and Wasikowska is probably miscast, as her underplaying contrasts with the florid surroundings. Still, there is no denying the stylishness of what's on offer.