Omar & Salma

Omar & Salma

Story of Omar, son of a wealthy business man, who was in a relationship with a model "Farah", and decided to forget her after a fight with her manager in a club with whom she cheated on him...

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Max M (nl) wrote: just bad very bad I mean I thought the 1st one was great but this one sucked I mean it had a corny idea not really any bat action more just fighting action by normal people who in the world wanted to make this film this film was just plain awful just horrible

Pieter V (au) wrote: Prepare for Global Swarming! Infestation is a good fun alien bug-fest film that doesn't take its B-grade premise too seriously but doesn't take it's audience for granted either. A well paced script, solid performances and rather good digital and practical effects prop this film up on a shelf above many in its class. If you like horror comedies along the lines of Evil Dead, Shaun of the Dead or the recent Piranha 3D you shouldn't be disappointed.

Orlok N (gb) wrote: A nice diversion with great acting and some good suspense!!

Lucas O (it) wrote: Best Bow Wow film ever!

Ruben J (fr) wrote: nice movie to watch of course were here and there need some improvement points.

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Ken S (us) wrote: I really like this early Peter Jackson zombie picture. Its your basic zombie film, with slapstick humor and cartoon gore added into the equation. The lawnmower scene is hilarious, the ass-kicking Priest cracked me up, and the Zombie Baby was creepy as hell. I also loved the "King Kong" Skull Island reference. Good fun for gore fans, but not to be taken seriously.

Tom M (mx) wrote: This movie is smarter than it looks. It's a compliment to george orwell how the schools would be in our time, and it forshadowed columbine, metal detectors, and desensitized youth. it's creepy

Andy A (mx) wrote: Wonderfully inspired. From about the first hour or so, you wouldn't expect the movie to turn out the way it does, what with all the gangsters and all. But it does, and it does so near perfectly in a juxtaposition that could only be likened to a hybrid of 'Stand By Me' and 'Good Fellas'. Some parts feel a tad inordinate and even a bit tangential but the awesome performances and the spectacular photography could and would put many current Hollywood pictures to shame. It tends to get a bit heavy-handed by the end but yo ultimately don't get left feeling cheated and the style might lend to cultural differentiation but seeing as i'm not a professional on such matters it would be best if each member of the audience makes the judgment call on their own, either way most viewers will find this to be a highly effective little-big saga of....well....friends.

Van W (mx) wrote: Jones is as fresh as can be, Greenwood and Nelson are great fun, and Grahan is somewhat miscast, but does what she can. Great music well sung. The film tries to supply grand visuals with its widescreen, but Zinnemann in the 1950s is no David Lean in the 1960s or 70s. Somewhat overlong compared to most musicals, the length is due to the attempt to remain faithful to the Braodway production. Simple, quaint, and fairly engaging.

Brad S (ca) wrote: Suoer-cheesy...but I like Caine and has some nice scenery...but can't recommend it. Demi Moore is barely in it. Skip it!