Omega Cop

Omega Cop

The year is 1999. John Travis is the toughest cop alive... In fact the only cop alive. He and his elite force stand between murderous mutants and the remains of humanity...

In the future, a cop goes after a gang of slave traders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Omega Cop torrent reviews

Zandra E (au) wrote: Man, this movie is AWFUL! It is seriously hilarious. Craptacular script, hammy overacting.... How was this film even green lit or funded?!

Lorraine T (jp) wrote: poncifs, clich (C)s, st (C)r (C)otypes et tutti quanti. Au d (C)but, mme les acteurs n'y croient pas. Certains seconds rles sont bien.

Lanky Man P (kr) wrote: This is first of the Maneater Series I've checked out and I'm actually surprised. I obviously knew what I was getting into before I watched this. It's something different and wasn't terrible. The only thing beyond terrible about it is its special effects.

Serge L (ru) wrote: A fantasy story stitched of pieces of true events. Well rendered. Good visual effects. Very french-canadian, except for the twisted spanish ending.

Rachel S (nl) wrote: that actually sounds kinda funny

Hans J E (de) wrote: Just another horror film.

Paul D (gb) wrote: Overly downbeat psychological drama. The subject matter is depressingly handled which doesn't bode well for the viewer.

Margarita S (ca) wrote: I take something new away from this movie each time I re-watch it. So much use of parallelism and irony. Fantastic performances from Owen and Portman. I love the fucked up, ugliness of it all. Who hasn't been some version of one of these unsympathetic people at some point in a relationship? Beautiful use of cadence in the dialogue.

Sarah C (nl) wrote: A great movie featuring a psych case so interesting and sad!

j d (ca) wrote: Hey - not the greatest movie ever made by any means but it got the Tar Trek franchise in theaters again and it was not bad by any means! Enjoy it for what it is!

Sandy K (de) wrote: A wonderful cast, but lacking the charm of the novel on which it was based.

Tim R (jp) wrote: The ultimate cult classic that's just as funny the 100th view as it was with the first view.

Grant S (ag) wrote: We see the lives of a group of friends, largely through scenes at fourweddings and a funeral. In this group is Charles who has a unhappy pastwith relationships. Then he meets an American woman, Carrie, at one ofthe weddings and it seems like his luck has changed. However, thingsare not so simple. As with almost everyone in his group of friends, itappears that the Right One is out there but never available.Wonderfully funny, warm and emotional - the perfect romantic-comedy.Written by Richard Curtis, of Blackadder fame, and directed by MikeNewell, this movie works on so many levels. As a comedy it is superb -very funny and intelligently so. Then there's the friends aspect, whichcreates a great warmth and engagement and a feeling of camaraderie.Characters have depth and complement each other well.Lastly, it works very well as a romantic drama too. Not your usualschmaltzy, formulaic romance but an intelligent examination of thesubject.Hugh Grant is great as Charles. The role pretty much locked in hischaracter in future roles - the shy, hesitant, stammering yet charmingtype. He has played that in about every role since.The group of friends are well cast and give spot-on performances: JohnHannah (as Matthew), James Fleet (Tom). Kristen Scott Thomas (Fiona),Simon Callow (Gareth) and Charlotte Coleman (Scarlett). Rowan Atkinson has a minor part but is responsible for possibly thefunniest scene in the movie.The only negative thing about the movie is the performance ofAndie McDowell (as Carrie). Not terrible, just a flat, aloof deliveryand thus quite unengaging. This is made more obvious by the fact thatthe other characters exude such warmth and vibrancy, making her seemquite cold. She doesn't wreck the movie but it would have been evenbetter with a better actress in that role.

Shawn M (br) wrote: Kinda cute, kinda clever....with a young Sharon Stone delivering one of the best pick up lines ever!

Paul J (fr) wrote: Chaplin's first serious dramatic film. There's no comedy in this simple, yet profound story. Beautifully structured and told.

Rawballs B (ag) wrote: A worthy action/fantasy movie... Seeing Charlize in a sexy action suit will truly blow me away... and I like the character of Sophie as Sithandra, having an original hands for a feet... absolutely creepy yet bold and brave =)

Jerome P (es) wrote: That horse stuff is so Tarantino.

Charles P (es) wrote: A modest, spellbinding film that cherishes conversation, debate, and the spoken word.