Ominous, a super natural thriller inspired by actual events. When the Callahan’soff for a peaceful family vacation in the mountains, they never expected their personal demons to follow them. When the children discover a paranormal presence in the secluded cabin, two generations of secrets will be revealed and the lives of the living as well as the dead will be changed forever.

When the Callahans set off for a peaceful family vacation in the mountains they never expected their personal demons to follow them. The children discover a paranormal presence in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barnaby G (it) wrote: The fashion industry is the most amoral business in the world. Fascinating documentary.

Tanya L (fr) wrote: including diffrent people are doing the voices of the buddies in this movie compared to the others . and the people who own them are new also .i saw this movie after honey 2

Mike O (kr) wrote: Ok movie not the best

Shawn W (it) wrote: amazing... ithought this might be jsut another pool movie but this film is soo much more...jansen gives what might be the best performance of her career...this movie achieves everything that it set out to do and does it all well...everthing about it is torn also gives a stand out performance that i will remember..there are so many reasons to watch this movie, but mostly because it will grip you and hold you to it for 100 minutes!

MsBetty B (kr) wrote: thz is a good movie and itz scary

Sebastian H (it) wrote: Version: TVOrt: rotes SofaAls Familienfilm vom Sender angek 1/4ndigt, als solchen geguckt. Die billigen Gags sind weder f 1/4r die Erwachsenen (mich) lustig, noch verstehen sie die Kinder. Alles in allem groer Quark und es erf 1/4llt mit Wehmut, wenn man an den groartigen Humor des Originals denkt. Den halben Stern verdient Alain Delon, der sich h 1/4bsch selbst auf die Schippe nimmt...

Joey F (br) wrote: I would put this film in a similar category as 2001. That being movies that primarily want to provide an emotional experience that transcends mere narrative. Is this one as perfect as 2001? No, but it's still very, very cool. It's absolutely gorgeous to look at, and some of the symbolism really hits deep. This is definitely a love it or hate it movie, but if you like this sort of thing, go for it.

Hugo L (jp) wrote: AVOID THIS MOVIE!!! I went with my parents and gf and all of us thought it was the worst movie we have seen in a long time. It is excruciatingly slow, has camera angles and shots that are like a bad college arts film, the plot is paper thin, there is absolutely nothing funny in the movie to consider it a comedy, there is nothing dramatic to hold us in suspense. It is just plain boring! There was a total of 10 people in the theatre and all of us came out saying the exact same thing: "What a waste of time"! I understand I'm not a paid movie critic but I've seen enough movies in my life to know a piece of forced artistic crap when I see it. All three actresses are very good but the movie itself is far from barely palatable. I don't understand what movie all the other critics have seen, but if it was the same one I saw, they are clearly full of themselves if they use any $10 dollar word to describe what is simpy dull.

F B (ca) wrote: Watchable but not my type of film and didn't really hold my attention at all.

Augusto A (es) wrote: Walter Hill's movies are a complicated thing for me... They're all honest genre pieces filled with good performances and badass action, but most of the times they're also extremely cheesy and almost always miss that extra special something to make them come truly alive. That's why no matter how enjoyable some of his movies are, there's that inevitable feeling of "meh" when you finish watching them. Still, a lot of them are guilty pleasures for me. Here we have a simple but efficient revenge story, sustained by a very good performance from Mickey Rourke. The movie's really well paced and the action scenes are well made, even if I'm not a huge fan of the visual style Hill adopted here. The performances from the rest of the cast are hit or miss though, sometimes hilariously bad, and the movie often wanders into cheesy, ridiculous territory. In the end I was left once again with that feeling that something was missing and that although I did enjoy many elements from the movie, it's nothing special.

Ida K (de) wrote: This is a biopic about actress Frances Farmer. Although she was somewhat wild, I didn't think she was mentally ill. Her story is notable because she was committed to a psychiatric institution by her mother because she didn't adhere to how her mother thought she should live. She ended up getting invasive therapies such as insulin shock therapy, ECT and a lobotomy. It was fascinating and barbaric look at psychiatry in 1930s and 40s.

Roxanne C (it) wrote: Hilarious as usual !

Mike H (es) wrote: I thought this film was extremely moving and powerful. Instead of reviewing this film based on what it is, I'm going to convey the message it gave me.The focal soundbite of the film, "Carpe Diem", (Seize The Day, said by Robin Williams' character John Keating) encourages us to be forthright about our ideas and thoughts, to be unwavering and unafraid, and most of all, to be proud of being unique and different no matter how much people try and grind you down. That message really radiated with me strongly whilst watching this film. It does ring true in today's society, where people try to smother you with their version of the latest hot topics or popular trends and then leave you with the air of verbal isolation if you do not conform.I cannot finish this without praising the late Robin Williams for his fantastic performance in the role of English teacher John Keating. His character truly did make you feel relaxed, inspired and reassured. I would most definitely recommend you watch this.

Shawn S (ca) wrote: Hilarious. Great story.This is exceedingly fun, well-written, and clever, and has a great cast.

Raji K (ag) wrote: Denzel Washington stars as Matt Whitlock who is a local police chief in a small town of Florida. Though he might not be the most ethical cop he finds himself in hot water when it looks like he is set up for insurance fraud. He realizes he must solve the case and figure out how he got setup before his team does, all while keeping covering his tracks. Out of Time was an interesting and entertaining cop thriller that although could have had more action it was solid overall.

Millo T (au) wrote: A good film noir, with its femme fatale and all the good points of the genre. What I like more from the film is the use of scenario: some people will tell you about the mirror's scene, but I liked even more the interaction with people and scenarios in Caribbean, Chinese neighbourhoods, people around... That interaction is not perfect, of course, as 40s movies hadn't overcome that defect of focusing too much in just the main characters, but I think it's the better approach I have found from a movie in these years. The plot is interesting, with shocking moments, keeps you asking all the time what is going on, however, you may find some things which are difficult to believe in love story (but is in part a problem of the age it was made, when they didn't want to call lust by its name: also, Rita Hayworth is impacting, yeah, but as a femme fatale there were actress who were more credible, but for me the problem comes from the way the script desvelops the character; however, her climax moments were apoteosic). So, a very good movie, not perfect, but one classic which deserves its name.