On Company Business

On Company Business


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,   cia,  

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On Company Business torrent reviews

Simon G (au) wrote: A seafood obsessed mute hitman dreams of becoming a matador. Another heavily Tarantino-influenced black comedy/action movie about hitmen that strives for culthood, albeit with some highly original and interesting ideas and genuine moments of human interest. Cool and exciting editing and soundtrack. But very gory, often needlessly so (particularly the ending, a veritable blood bath).The first half or so of the film is fun because Ha-kyun Shin looks so freakin' cool walking around in shades, like a Korean Britpop star. But like any other film that's more about style than substance, the coolness soon wears thin. There is substance, probably more than lots of other films in this kind of genre, but it's still outweighed by the style. And like most of these sorts of films it just ends up ultimately being a bit depressing

joseph e (es) wrote: This movie is meant to make you think. Yet, how come it made you not want to watch it after the first Boring-Thirty Minutes?? I liked it sense of dependency on the UFO lovers, but it didn't really reach out to the Mainstream audiences, in which most films are apreciated. I can honestly say, I am a part UFO Fanatic, But I am not obsessed. I also relatively, yet tradgicly enjoyed this film's failed attempt at being the next "Close Encounters". It was a big upset. If you Understood it's poorly and Drool way of explaining it's plot points and the true, yet the oddly enough events that occured On March 13, 1997. To claim these testomonies, and tales of these people is hard to say, yet Honestly to Refute the "Phoenix Lights"? I have no reason, Do you.?

Charlie S (jp) wrote: GREAT MOVIE I LOVE IT

Ilkka B (us) wrote: Sanity assasin ! says: "jacko or gary glitters fav film no doubt. a kiddy fiddlers paradise". Sanity If you think this movies is "kiddy fiddlers paradise" then you probably think that Night of the Living Dead is a movie for necrophiles. What kind of a pervert thinks that if movie has children in it its a movie for pedophiles?This is a very nice and heartwarming movie

Marc R (au) wrote: Jet Li is always engaging. The rest of the cast is not.

WS W (es) wrote: "A film by Tinto Brass"...

caden m (ru) wrote: I am a big fan can I please watch

Martyn M (ag) wrote: Tedious drivel. Repetitive acts of clumsy oafishness... How many times can you pirouette about non-sensically before the predictable demolition of the surrounding valuables!!

James H (nl) wrote: The Tarnished Angels - Lost souls seek to sell the American capitalistic adverture in several forms, those in early flight and those in the 'free' press. Everybody in this films wears their masks to get through the day all the while holding up some ideal vision which becomes an ever fading mirage. This is the masterpiece Tarnished Angels. The camera charts the dymantic the four central characters create. Embodied masterfully by Rock Hudson(in purhaps in best performance), Robert Stack, Dorathy Malone and Jack Carson. They have long formed their figurative barriers in the roles they perform for the crowd and in the end it kills the one they love the most. One woman finds escape from a destructive legacy which has nearly destroyed everything for her. I so love Sirk: Melodrama at it's finest.

Geraldo G (kr) wrote: It's not hilarious, but funny most of the times.

Nick G (es) wrote: Wish the movie was more about Alex's senior year and had more to a story but I sill enjoyed it's funny love able humor that bms always gives

Stella D (kr) wrote: a terrific overlooked noir, likely the best film of director phil karlson's career. john payne plays a washed up fighter who's constantly reliving his lost shot at the title, struggling as a cabdriver with a dissatisfied wife. what is it with boxers and noir? needless to say, he gets mixed up in a dangerous game, giving him one last shot at redemption. i don't wanna give too much away. everyone is great here, especially evelyn keyes as a standup dame trying to help him out of the jam. check it out