On Piracy: On Piracy & the Future of Media

On Piracy: On Piracy & the Future of Media

Interesting subject, but quite a lame documentary. It pivots mainly around music, leaving software and movies completely in the dark. Main themes evolve around the judicial debate, but why not tackle this from a more philosophical (moral for instance) or cultural point of view ? Also from a technological point of view it declines to bring any interesting revelations. And what up with the disgusting musac layered all the time into the interviews ? It completely turns your attention away from the subject and gives you the impression of watching some cheap promotional video you might encounter on a late night tell-sell channel.

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David M (gb) wrote: Oh dear.I suppose it was bound to happen eventually: after defeating the 'Blood God' in the first (and to my mind, best - even if the said 'Blood God' turned out to be a bit wimpy) film, and the Luke Goss led 'Reapers' in the second film, it appears that they ran out of ideas for Blade to face-off against until somebody had a not-so-bright idea: "I know, that's bring back Dracula!". Why, oh why, does Dracula have to make an appearance in just about any vampire series?Anyway: this introduces the NightStalkers to the story, partly led by Whistler's illegitimate daughter. It does have a promising start as Blade is set up by the vampires and then captured by the authorities, but that whole plot-strand then seems to fall by the way-side in favour of some ridiculously over-edited action scenes as Blade takes a back-seat to the Nightstalkers before he faces off against the vampires progenitor ...

Nathan C (mx) wrote: Staring rap superstar... who?

Samuel H (it) wrote: This is the second Spike Lee movie i've seen so far and I have to say im becoming a big fan. I mean as far as telling the story of Brooklyn well, Spike has to be the best. He makes you wish you had grown up there. I mean sure there are things that you wish you wouldn't have had to have gone, through, but the joy of living in Brooklyn and all of the excitement that comes with that far surpass the downside. Spike also magnificently tells the story of black culture well. As far as this movie is concerned, it's another great addition to the Spike Lee collection and any casual movie goer should enjoy it. The lead actress (the little girl) is wonderful. The family plotline and much softer (or cleaner than most Spike movies) story is surprisingly enjoyable. Of course the music is superb. I think the best part about Spikes movies though is that they give you the feels. And the funny part is you don't quite know why. It's not that the plot is so superb that you feel like your seeing something you could only dream of, or that his movies are super exciting. No the combination of humor and reality make you feel as though you are a part of the film yourself and that is where the beauty of Spike's movies is. It lies in the fact that you become invested in the lifeline of the characters and are so thereby effected just as they are.

Joe E (nl) wrote: it was a bit cheesy but a simple nice Friday night light watch. really loved watching it with clairey and Steve they'll blub at everything.

Greg W (es) wrote: the director, ford beebe is one of my fave serial directors gettin it done cheap but still good

Marcus W (jp) wrote: Struggled to stay awake - let alone laugh.

Jeff W (us) wrote: Amazing ending, seriously. Worth seeing just for that.

Keith B (es) wrote: If you want to know who the gipper is just watch this movie!

MariePier D (us) wrote: The perfect Sunday morning movie !

Richard L (gb) wrote: In my opinion, this is the worst installment in the Species series. The special effects are lousy, the acting is laughingly bad, the attempt at being existential fails completely and the storyline makes no sense. Overall, it feels like a confused, cheap patchwork from other Species movies.