On Probation

On Probation

Díaz is a burly seen-it-all cop who's depressed about his marriage. Silverstein is a skinny Jewish shrink who's assigned to help him back to his job. Soon Silverstein is taking advice from Díaz about *his* marriage, and is learning how to handle a gun. Good thing, for they find themselves in a stew of murder, arms dealers and corrupt cops, and only their new friendship will get them out alive.

Díaz is a burly seen-it-all cop who's depressed about his marriage. Silverstein is a skinny Jewish shrink who's assigned to help him back to his job... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abby D (gb) wrote: I only gave this movie 3 stars because I thought the whole psychology parts were interesting and Kiera Knightley is really good in this movie. But the whole S&M thing was creepy and the romance really felt forced. Not really a good movie, but I found some parts good.

phoebe m (us) wrote: Great film. Critics are way off!

Tyler (mx) wrote: There are so many good movies, like this one, which remain hidden in plain sight. I was doing a search on movies deriving humor from racism after watching Ted-2 when I stumbled upon this one. And I must say that the late night awakening to watch it and being late for work the next day was all worth it !!A matter-of-fact, light-hearted movie which eschews undue bawdiness and just does what it is meant to- make people laugh. Excellent acting by all especially the keep-it-real, pro-feminist role by Smith Cho.I suggest there should be a sequel to this one. Look, if Rocky can come out of retirement five times and Zoolander can be revived, I'm damn sure 'C-dub' can coach a second time too...I'm gonna watch it again after a few months or maybe an year... Comforting, entertaining cinema...

Terri H (us) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Jon C (gb) wrote: as an educational film it succeeds highly because of how historically accurate it remainswomen did face alot of prejudice and discrimination when it came to votingHilary Swank gives a remarkable performance as suffragist leader Alice Paulwonderful supporting characters including Patrick Dempsey and Bob Gunton as Woodrow Wilsonthis is an amazing protrayal of a social movement that keeps the fighting strong and its supporters full of hope and optimism and courage and sacrificeas a movie though, it didnt hit me as emotionally as I thought it wouldsome of the editing is kinda washy, tootoo many trippy montages and songs that just dont fit in the time periodoverall, I would recommend this to all women and those who believe in sufferage and its just cause and motivation

Alex C (kr) wrote: It is funny enough to ridiculous a thing called love. No matter how hard you try, you'll end up screwing up everything. This old man tries harder than anyone could ever imagine to have something precious in his last age, something he should have tired of for a long time: he tries to be married, in a way he could stage the future. What's he get? Nothing but trouble. He has to keep his head up or he'll lose his long-time-coming lover. He doesn't understand what mutual love is except the sacrifice part. But on the other side, his effort has become a pursuit of hope for another person. Wu Ying, in her own state, can't help but accept that she troubles her step-mother. She hopes to find her father and cure her blindness, but along the way, she learns about being with a true family, Manager Zhao and his friends. She was hopeless and nearly suicidal, but then she gained a new light.The film isn't about comedy at all, but somehow, it isn't about tragedy, too. It is warm enough to let us laugh and calm enough to get us touched. The performance is quite convincing, but the script is not intriguing. Overall, the neo realist film is a fine work, but not Yimou's best.

Ahmed A (jp) wrote: I never expected to see Sutherland so bitchy and gay! But I was very impressed!! Even the story line was really and touchy

Zach M (au) wrote: A beautiful movie from Miyazaki. The story is all about environment and rather than being preachy, it is made into a fantasy story of beauty.The North American voice cast was excellent with Patrick Stewart and Uma Thurman as stand outs.It is amazing that this movie came out in the 80's because it looks so amazing.

Chris B (fr) wrote: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS!The first big success of Basil Dearden, Sapphire is the story of a girl with this name that is killed in the beginning of the film. Throughout the film we follow the detectives around and are introduced to a number of potential suspects, eaxh with their own motives and stories. The characters are well developed and add richness to the film. The movie deals with racism and several racial slurs including the N word. Although controversial, especially by today's standards, the racially motivated plots are what add most of the tension and ultimately the cause of the murder.

Durell B (au) wrote: There's is so much that doesn't work here I have no idea where to begin. 30 Minutes or Less improperly uses every cast member down to the side characters. Let's start with the antagonist Danny McBride and Nick Swardson which are two low lifes who spend their days blowing up watermelons and watching horror movies. McBride lives with his father who won $10 million in the lottery. In clear comedy fashion McBride wants his father to drop dead so he can inherit what is left of the winnings. So what's the next logical step, let a stripper talk you into killing your father so you can get it. Sounds funny right? Here are the problems. Swardson is the partner in crime who is a bomb expert. He displays low level intelligence, yet he is extremely proficient in bomb making. Really!? Bring into the equation lead characters Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari. Eisenberg plays a pizza delivery driver and Ansari is his best friend who is a substitute teacher. Both make a good match but are never given any material worthy of their talents. Eisenberg is captured by McBride and Swardson and has a bomb strapped to his chest and told to rob a bank to get $100,000, so someone else can kill his father. Ok. Let me get this straight. The plan is to rob a bank for 100k, so you can then give that to someone else to kill your father, so you can end up with your fathers money. Would it not have been easier to A) rob bank yourself B) kill your own father C) have your pawn rob more than $100,000 making the whole killing of your father unnecessary. There were many alternatives that a normal person would explore before threatening a civilian and having them rob a bank for money you're going to use to get more money. It makes no sense and a plot hole that big can't be ignored. The only saving grace was Michael Pena who plays the two bit hustler hired to kill McBride's father. He was hysterical and extremely under utilized. But in a film this painfully awful, its good his presence was more in favor of less face time rather than overuse. At a running time of just under 90 minutes, 30 Minutes or Less title felt more like a factual statement than a witty tagline. Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer's debut film was around the same length but was fully engaging, fleshed out its characters and literally had rules set within the film to abide by at all times. 30 MOL never explored its characters, cashing in instead for a quick rush job with no style, no energy and poorly conceived plot points. Boring throughout and completely unfunny except for Pena.

Alan P (fr) wrote: I never really enjoyed the 60's series, but at least it's better than this.

Adam H (gb) wrote: My favourite movie critic Roger Ebert called Hoop Dreams one of the great movie-going experiences of his lifetime and the best film of the 1990s. The film is so much more than basketball.

Max N (ag) wrote: Ultimo suspiro del mas independiente de los independientes. Otra obra de camara que captura con talento la interaccion domestica, donde convergen la frustracion, la incapacidad de amar y la locura. Gena Rowlands esta por los cielos, regalando una actuacion inquietante, al limite del desagrado. Cassavetes esta impresionante como actor y como director ni hablar, un deber para cualquiera que se precie de querer el cine. No califica como obra maestra solo por un innecesario numero musical y una banda sonora horrorosa, sin embargo errores que no la condenan. Excelente.

Seth B (jp) wrote: The fourth Dirty Harry installment does little to impress. It did however have the famous line, "Go ahead, make my day." Eastwood directs this one but it has a weak plot and having the story take place outside of San Francisco took away alot of the urban feel of the first 3 Dirty Harry films.

Leah V (ca) wrote: Exploitation gold. Bonus points for the leather-wearing guy with the earrings. He had style.