On the Downlow

On the Downlow

Isaac and Angel are two young Latinos involved in a south side Chicago gang. They have a secret in a world where secrets are forbidden.

Isaac and Angel are two young Latinos involved in a south side Chicago gang. They have a secret in a world where secrets are forbidden. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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On the Downlow torrent reviews

FRed I (es) wrote: one of the biggest shit I have ever seen !!!

Allan C (gb) wrote: Solid but unspectacular. Good ideas, execution lacked.

Atul R (fr) wrote: The clever thing about this movie was the casting. People who paid to watch this movie was either for Mr. Bachchan or Khan. Atleast the movie belongs to Amitabh and the little kid Aman. Kids movies will take time for people to like in Bollywood. But still to date one Kid movie that still on top is Mr. India. Amitabh Bachchan as always first rate, he tried his best to inact his part. Aman Siddiqui is ok but can not beat Darsheel from Taare Zameen Par. Juhi Chawla is ok but tends to go over sometimes. Rajpal Yadav is hardly there and doesnt make you laugh. Shahrukh Khan is here and there, doesnt create history. Over all a very cheap poor story of kid movie.

Robert F (au) wrote: On Broadway is a warm and affectionate film with a big heart. The bright sparks were Eliza Dushku, Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, and Lucas Caleb Rooney.

Veronica S (ca) wrote: This is based on real land walking eels, but the movie exaggerated of course. The CGI made the eel look ridiculous but the movie was fun anyways. The outhouse scene was gross.

Mlissa A (kr) wrote: Rien de bien excitant... Tout ce qu'il y a de correct... A ecouter en faisant autre chose, sinon vous ne serez pas capable de le finir ;)

David W (ag) wrote: Not nearly as good as the first one....

Admiral D (jp) wrote: Not deep, not really funny, silly as its director

Daniel D (au) wrote: First off Polanski is my favorite director yes three movies in my top 10 but this would not even come close to one of his great works. . I heard some critics say it's the perfect mix of comedy and horror, but really it's not either one if you want a vampire movie that has that perfect mix watch the original fright night. Now it wasn't completely dull yes I did laugh a lot at the beginning, but then It just went down. mainly because since you didn't care about the characters at all it was very hard to get into the story. This is definitely my least favorite Polanski film

Owen C (es) wrote: I'm a big fan of EGR and this film turns some of his characterizations on their head. Too corny for most, but to me it's a gem.

Joseph P (kr) wrote: While the action and writing is okay, I give it a 3 star because of the lack of following the source material and having nothing to with the main video game franchise.

Josh A (es) wrote: Writer/director Jason Lei Howden keeps the 80s low budget horror references and the hilariously over the top gore flowing while seamlessly blending the screwball/buddy comedy elements, and he seems to do it all with delight and without costing the movie its strange charm. Fans of the genre should certainly be pleased, and the fact that this is Howden's feature film debut makes it all the more impressive.