On the Fiddle

On the Fiddle

Tricked into joining the RAF by a wily judge, wide boy Horace Pope sets his sights on the main chance, teams with slow-witted, good-hearted gypsy Pedlar Pascoe, and works up a lucrative racket in conning both his colleagues and the RAF. By means of various devious schemes Pope and Pascoe manage to avoid the front lines until they are sent to France - where they find themselves making unexpected and uncomfortably close contact with the enemy.

When he is pulled up in court for selling stuff on the street, Horace Pope says he was only doing it while waiting to enlist. The judge calls his bluff and forces him to sign up. Pope makes... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zack K (fr) wrote: Very cute, informative & fun documentary on dirt/soil and how alive it truly is. It's definitely worth checking out if you're into documentaries/green/being eco friendly, which I'd hope everyone would be by now.

Michael P (ru) wrote: It could have made a decent film, but the poor acting brings it down. Boyarskaya is passable, but Khabenski is simply horrendous.And this is without going into the historical side of things - portraying Kolchak as a paragon of nobility and patriotism is... problematic, to say the least.

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Irvin C (au) wrote: A wonderful, wonderful interview! I'm glad it was made before he passed.

Paul D (es) wrote: A Hangman's tale told authentically but is a grim depiction of the person and his job. Spall puts in a very controlled performance.


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