On the Riviera

On the Riviera

In this fast-paced remake of the Muarice Chavlier vehicle Folies Bergere, talented Danny Kaye plays both a performer and a heroic French military pilot.

The film centers on a nightclub entertainer - Jack Martin who is forced to impersonate a rich man - Henri Duran to flirt his lookalike's wife and finds the better lover in that process. What is result for both of them? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


On the Riviera torrent reviews

Chris S (de) wrote: Strangely beautiful and haunting while being very humorous at the same time. Wonderful music & singing!

Mic R (ca) wrote: Slightly below average but extra half star for being refreshingly cheap. This is not Running Man, but it wants to be.

Abel A (us) wrote: A little too predictable, but overall pretty good flick. Thank you Netflix.

Vassili B (mx) wrote: Rivisto e, dopo vent'anni, ancora merita: lei, bella come il peccato, met del film. Lui bello e bravo. Non ricordo un altro film di Annaud cos curato nella ricostruzione d'ambiente. Romanticismo e languore.

Thomas P (br) wrote: Satisfying, funny script, and a familiarity here that draws you in, and a sweetness that shines thru. You know these ppl.It works.What puts it above a lifetime movie is the strength of the grounded characters in the script, and the firm but light touch of writer director Adrienne Shelly. Almost perfect. 3.5 daily menu specials out of 5

Polyphemus W (de) wrote: E. Elias Merhige desperately wants to be David Lynch. While there are some nice visual treatments in this film, the story (such as it is) and characters (as deep as thick cardboard) fails to engage the viewer in any way whatsoever. I want my ninety-nine minutes back.

oniverse m (it) wrote: this is awesome an a better love story then what i got in pearl harbor

Miriam G (de) wrote: By and large a very good adaptation, leaving the text almost entirely whole and unviolated, as it should be. The performances are good all around, particularly Laertes. David Tennant's Hamlet is generally very good, but I felt that at times he slipped out of actually playing the part and just went into craziness shtick or routine.

Racienda H (jp) wrote: My Favorite Movie in the whole world!!! It's religious morals couldn't have been better reviewed, it reminds us that there's nothing new under the sun!!!!!

Robert P (ru) wrote: In Silent Movies, No-one Can Here You Scream. Woof, that was a marathon. But there is great value there for anyone who enjoys watching the creation of film. Fritz is on visionary form here and produces a great picture about exploration, obsession and (all be it fairly comfortable) evil. Amazingly, at close to 3 hours, the ending feels a bit rushed.

Talmadge W (fr) wrote: We watched the first ten minutes. Poorly written, poorly acted, poorly directed. Not exactly the worst film I've ever seen, but it comes pretty close.