On the Road to Emmaus

On the Road to Emmaus

A cynical city dweller returns to his hometown to sell his family home, but becomes unexpectedly nostalgic.

A cynical city dweller returns to his hometown to sell his family home, but becomes unexpectedly nostalgic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


On the Road to Emmaus torrent reviews

Simon M (de) wrote: Pretty poor film. No pace and no structure.

Alex K (es) wrote: Not much to enjoy with this bleak, and somewhat boring portrayal of to peoples struggle to support themselves and their families. One travels from the Ukraine to Austria, and the other from Austria to the Ukraine. That's pretty much the whole story right there, only it didn't take me 2hrs 20mins to tell it to you!I'm all for "arty, european" cinema, but this was just empty.The only positives for the film, are some quite interesting industrial shots early on in the film, and the fact you do somewhat care about the main female character, but that is not enough to salvage the film from it's massively self-indulgent running time.Not highly recommended at all.

Jonathan P (mx) wrote: For a direct to DVD JCVD pick a decent script. The plot is laughable at best but makes for some good comedy between the hip hop community and JCVD. Expect some cheesy acting and some over dramatic performances and you might be able to enjoy this. All I can say is I hope JCVD swallows some of his pride and and does The Expendables II.

BanFoo L (nl) wrote: A sensual and interesting adaptation of "Les Liaisons Dangereuses", with exquisitely beautiful scenery and costumes. The movie is set in 18th-century Korea.

Kay P (ru) wrote: A good movie, showing what people will do to keep themselves in clothes and food. It's hardly objectifying of the women don't feel objectified, in fact they play off of it and take your money while doing so. It's rather like watching a movie based on Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. Sweet and sassy, a coming of age tale and a show of facing your fears and finding love in unexpected places.

Soni S (mx) wrote: the theme was great n it's the one which fascinates me,i have seen it many times-but never got bored.......

Terrilyn M (it) wrote: The screen writing in this film as well as the performances are impeccable. Alfre Woodard and Lawrence Fishburne are inspiring.

Michelle F (kr) wrote: Perfect cast makes this a great film to see.

Terri H (mx) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Calvin C (it) wrote: Despite the horrible deaths that occurred during production, the film itself falls short from the greatness of the show. Surprisingly, out of the 4 segments, the first two directed by John Landis and Steven Spielberg respectively are the weakest entries. The two lesser known directors (at the time), Joe Dante and George Miller bring more of that Twilight Zone flair in the final two segments. All of the segments are direct remakes or versions of older episodes. The last one, which is a remake of the memorable "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" directed by George Miller and starring John Lithgow is obviously the best one and have been its own movie. That is how good that segment is. If only the rest of the movie could have been in that Zone.Grade: B-

Luciano G (us) wrote: Not for everyone, I suppose, at times dry and at other times over-silly and contrived, but always fun, and with the added bonus or a memorable theme song performed by The Brothers Four.....

Nathan C (br) wrote: What Is This? A Big, Fat, Giant, Ripoff to the Rock's Hercules and Also The Disney Film.IT'S THAT BAD!!

Cody C (kr) wrote: Starts out really great, and it has parts here and there that are good.

Ian E (kr) wrote: This movie is not funny or intriguing, in fact, it feels like a derivative and calculated project containing production pieces that have already been seen multiple times in the past.