On the Shoulders of Giants

On the Shoulders of Giants

The story of the Harlem Rens: the greatest basketball team you never heard of.

The story of the Harlem Rens: the greatest basketball team you never heard of. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


On the Shoulders of Giants torrent reviews

Tracy F (kr) wrote: Pretty good. Definitely gets you to look at yourself.

Pablo G (ca) wrote: A very peculiar and deep animated biography with layers of commentary and great characters to keep the sometimes too dramatic story interesting and creative.

Sue M (de) wrote: OMG just saw the trailer really looks interesting

Anna L (gb) wrote: Well-acted and amusing little movie from Roeg.

Jeff R (jp) wrote: good cheesy fun! Giant Rats invade Toronto Canada!

Vivek A (ca) wrote: Burt reynolds shines in this film finely directed by alan j. pakula.

Alison O (es) wrote: Best in Show: Suzanna Hamilton One for the future: Suzanna Hamilton Stand-out scene: Titty's triumph Brainer or no-brainer: Brainer Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: One DVD commentary any good?: n/a TV Set in the 1920s this adaptation of Arthur Ransome's childrens' story this 'charming' story tells of the scrapes six kids get into one summer holiday in the Lake District. Their Aunt's house overlooks a lake and the adult allows her four charges (the 'Swallows' because of their boat) to row over to an island and set up camp for several days. There they meet the 'Amazons' - two woolly-hatted girls whose Uncle owns a houseboat moored nearby. Evoking memories of campfires as a youngster (you can't beat a fry-up in the woods!) olde-worldy banter is rife and i'm not sure that Titty is an appropriate name for a youngster (short for Letitia maybe), but this Famous Five-ish adventure is pleasant enough Sunday afternoon fodder. Eldest girl Suzanna Hamilton (who made her debut here) went on to appear in the TV series Wish Me Luck and Nineteen-Eighty-Four and it's a shame that she hasn't been more prolific in her career, reduced to bit parts in the likes of Casualty. Virginia McKenna appears fleetingly as the Aunt and the kids' attempts to requisition each other's vessels takes up a large chunk of the plot, with a robbery on the the bad-tempered Uncle's boat thrown in for good measure. Idiosyncracies of the time such as charcoal burners and ginger beer bottles with cork stoppers make this an interesting period piece and there's little evidence of annoying child star behaviour to mar proceedings (of the children, only Hamilton continued to act). Pleasant enough tish and whimsy.

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