On These Shoulders

On These Shoulders

Kjell Loväng returns to his parent's farm after a few years of work in Stockholm. He discovers that his father Arvid neglects the farm and spends too much time drinking and meeting other ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vamsi V (ca) wrote: Pawan Kalyan as an Actor and Trivikram as a Story Teller scored 100/100.Pawan Kalyan's performance in the climax and sensible heart touching story will haunt you for some time. Nadhiya's apt as Atha and rest of the crew, devi sri did their job very well and made it look like classic. Though not a novel story but the story telling ability of Trivikram with his own mark dialogues will keep the flavor of the movie until last scene where Pawan Kalyan takes it to next level. Surely, this is not a movie to be watched once. Waiting eagerly for Blu Ray print.Thanks PK and TS for a great movie.

Kevin D (mx) wrote: 2 words: Moped Scene

Anita L (de) wrote: a cool movie. nothing special really but the meaning of it is good

Larry S (au) wrote: Juliette Binoche is always a wonder to watch on film. She can not give a bad performance. Add to her performance outstanding work by Jude Law and Robin Wright Penn and director Anthony Minghella and you have one powerful film.

Dylan W (de) wrote: Clichd, predictable, and not funny.

Al H (fr) wrote: A beautiful tale with surrealism

David K (it) wrote: Still holds up as one of the best mockumentaries of all time. Amazing comedic acting and writing!

E H (us) wrote: Zhang Yimou shows his mastery of cinematography in this movie. The story line itself is compelling, but more than that, the acting in this movie is surprisingly genuine, considering the lack of professional actors. Yimou presents a simple story of a young girl in rural China tasked as a substitute teacher of a one room schoolhouse. Without giving away the plot further, all I can say is that even though this is an all ages film made by a Chinese director in a Chinese setting, it is a true masterpiece of Japanese-style filmmaking.

Evan S (gb) wrote: Some very good ideas in this western. Some extremely good situations. Some good suspended situations too. And yet we regret Nicholson is directing himself. He can't see himself when he is acting and that shows tremendously in the film. It explains some slow and long sequences that should have been packed in the acting itself. That explains why the actor Jack Nicholson is too often using some faces and attitudes and gestures that we have already seen in The Shining, in The Witches of Eastwood, or in many other films. He cannot see himself and thus he cannot direct himself properly. And there were and are some extremely potential situations. There could have been, and there should have bee

Orlok W (kr) wrote: Gritty, and dirty, but manages to be breathtakingly beautiful at the same time--At last! and about time...!!

Shaun H (de) wrote: Man I enjoyed the poop out of this movie it was gritty and didn't have barrels of cussing.

Christopher B (us) wrote: Very funny Bud and Lou film. I haven't seen this one in a very long time, but I do remember loving this.

Edin S (au) wrote: A ono... cudno, previse

Logan M (us) wrote: The first movie to ever win Best Picture, "Wings" is a cinema milestone and should be revered as one of the most important movies in history.