Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai

A smuggler rises to power in in 1970s Mumbai, a younger gangster seeks to overthrow him, and a police officer is caught in the middle.

A smuggler rises to power in in 1970s Mumbai, a younger gangster seeks to overthrow him, and a police officer is caught in the middle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kendall I (mx) wrote: It's back to the basic format for this comedy special review! Jeff Dunham is back, and he's pulling out all the stops and being harsher than ever, leaving hardly anyone unoffended and taking Walter, Achmed, Jose, and Peanut with him! There are also two new characers which I will not spoil. Though this one can get kind of meaner than the others, it makes it even funnier than the others! However, this one is for fans only, for it borrows ideas from previous gags. JD, your fans still love you. Keep it up!

Nikki N (ca) wrote: one of those love stories you can swallow up without the bitter taste.

Daisuke A (it) wrote: Romantic and heart-warming, the film is full of Hugh Grant"s charm, and sprinkled with music of varying genre, some of which are very pleasant to the ear. Performing scenes by Haley Bennett were captivating. The only irritation was that the visual and the sound of some of Grant's performing scenes were clearly out of synchronization.

Leo K (mx) wrote: Updated: Smart but complex. Well written, but hard to follow sometimes. Is there a clear message? Or just a intricately written novel. Interesting, but hard to follow, pretty much.------------Old review-----------While I enjoy an occasional movie like this, this one just seemed drawn out and melodramatically/slow. It's like reading a book on politics; lots of info, but not quite exciting.

Plinius D (de) wrote: are we humans? what else are we gonna do to eliminate ourselves? absolutly scared about this world and all his hidden face...

Craig M (kr) wrote: I still love Diane Ladd and Grace Zabriskie in this, but the rest sort of fell flat for me on revisiting this one.Continues tropes of road trips across America, fire, Oz...but just never gels.Also, -1 star for male gaze/ fetishizing of Laura Dern.

Teresa S (nl) wrote: Hmmmm what a cast. DOn't think I have seen this one???

Private U (ca) wrote: This tale of a man who's face is frozen in a 'rictus sardonicus' (skull-like grin) could've been a true horror classic, but it's kind of ruined by William Castle's pointless and intrusive "You Decide the Villain's Fate" gimmick. Too bad Castle didn't realize this story was strong enough that it didn't need a cheesy gimmick.

John R (ag) wrote: Lazy and overblown storytelling - aims to be insightful but ends up being the kind of movie David Wain makes ironically. Big chills going down my spine (rip off of The Big Chill; even has a wooden scene defending its non-Big-Chill-rip-offness).

Deke P (gb) wrote: Interested to see it, if only cuz i loved the original.

Robert I (ca) wrote: This movie is incredible. I wish more people had seen it. Great fun.

Brandon S (au) wrote: After rewatching this movie Ive become fond of it. I like Robert Quarry's Count Yorga much, much better than I like Christoper Lee's Count Dracula. This might have been the first movie to have a vampire comfortable socializing with people in the late 20th century; House of Dark Shadows came out the same year (though a few years earlier Barnabas had been on TV socializing with people of the 1960s). It was the Fright Night of its time. There is one scene that is still disturbing today, I brace myself every time I know its coming. Yorga is a socially refined character but at times he seems almost animal like. Set in California, circa 1970, this is one of the best vampire movies of that era.

Eric H (br) wrote: This stirring movie in comic-strip style is packed with unbelievable car stunts , thrills, chills and noisy action . Violent movie about a futuristic road-warrior cop with high-velocity action and kinetic energy . This classic is set a few years from now , a dangerous, desolate post-industrial future world where rules the strongest law . It concerns about the exploits and feats of an ex-police named Max (Mel Gibson) on the apocalyptic future world . Being stolen of his possessions by Jeddeiah (Bruce Spence) and his son while walking through the Australian outback , Max heads toward a remote city called Bartertown , a post-nuclear location full of kind of criminals and governed by Aunt Entity (Tina Turner). Bartertown runs on methane gas, which is produced from pig feces by prisoner-slaves. All methane comes from an underground cavern, Underworld . Max is forced to fight against Master Blaster on behalf of Aunt Entity in order that she gains whole control of the town . Max survives a battle-to-the-death in Roman style Thunderdome arena . But when the combat is over he is thrown back out into the solitary desert . Exiled Mad Max meets a group of orphans, the only survivors of a plane crash during the nuclear war . The group of children and teens is living as a strange commune ( similarly to William Golding's Lord of flies) and take to Max as their Messiah named the 'Captain Walker' . Max says them that he's not Captain Walker and that civilization is gone , wiped out by the nuclear apocalypse . Later on , Mad Max along with them returns Bartertown to confront cutthroats and the revenge takes place . Max and the group wreak havoc on the city and escape from fortress but vengeance will be terrible and bands of depraved crazies thirsty for blood pursue them . They are besieged by motorized warlords and they'll have to fight against the cutthroats , a band of depraved crazies thirsty for blood and survive some battles to-the-death with lots of blood and gore, including throating-slit , beheading , impaling and blow up.This exciting picture packs kinetic action , thrills, chills , tension and abundant violence . Spectacular stunt-work plenty of fights , motorcycle races , cars with bounds and leaps and explosions . The picture is divided in three parts : the first happens on the boisterous city of Bartertown , the second on the sunny desert with metaphysical moments and Max surrounded by children and third , the conclusion , again on Bartertown and the subsequent getaway in Mad Max 2 style . Top-notch Mel Gibson as road warrior at one of his first main roles , he embarks a spectacular adventure against vicious murderous and with some philosophical moments . Weird roles and fantastic atmosphere combine with stunning action scenes in this remarkable action film that completes perfectly the excellent trilogy . Rumbling score fitting to action by Maurice Jarre and emotive music including chores when are developed the scenes of the children . Special and weird futuristic atmosphere created by cameraman Dean Semler who reflects splendidly the barren outdoors . The motion picture is stunningly directed by George Miller ( and George Ogilvi) , author of the excellent post-apocalypse Mad Max trilogy along with the writer and producer Byron Kennedy . It's followed by numerous imitations as the recent Doomsday(2008, Neal Marshall), rip offs, and exploitations .This remarkable action film will appeal to Science Fiction buffs. Rating : 7 , Above average. Well worth watching.