Once Upon a Time Veronica

Once Upon a Time Veronica

A finely tuned, emotionally raw portrait of a woman’s conflicted entry into adulthood, Once Upon a Time Veronica is a thoroughly modern anti–fairy tale. Director Marcelo Gomes shows a rare ability to get under the skin — and cut close to the bone — of his emotionally vulnerable but resilient main character. Anchored by a tour de force performance from the fearless Hermila Guedes, this sensual, psychologically complex character study charts the personal and professional growth of one young woman in Recife.

A woman tries to make a life for herself in a violent Brazilian city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Smiley R (jp) wrote: Although this is a classic it is very very very good. I wish I could work with F. Gary Gray

Cody B (br) wrote: "Are you Tom Jones?!"

JordaN W (fr) wrote: Best movie of all time!!

Hannah M (kr) wrote: After I watched this movie, I looked it up online and was *shocked* to see it got a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, since my film major roommate and I were both very, very unimpressed with it. Everything about it said crappy movie, from the unfunny jokes to the bizarre jarring transitions (more than once we asked each other, "Wait - so what just happened there?"), sound effects that appeared to have nothing to do with what was actually happening, the three instances where women I didn't care about gave long monologues about guys they were involved with (that I also didn't care about)... Nothing in this movie made sense. I couldn't pull anything out of it to be impressed with. Knowing it was supposed to be some sort of comedy cult classic doesn't change my mind on this one, although it does make me wonder what everyone else is seeing that I clearly missed.

Darrin C (kr) wrote: Very eerie and just right for you A.D.D. variety with it's 5 very unique stories that were all indeed memorably creepy!

Samantha S (ca) wrote: Crazy, worth watching though

Catherine L (es) wrote: How about this film with a John Cusack in it. Have read this book when i was 19 years old and i love it. And now i imagine Cusack as The Needle... Sure thing.

Peter H (mx) wrote: Storywise it is crap, for Bruce Lee enthusiasts only.

Gabriel K (br) wrote: Terrible sci-fi 'spoof', with that feeling common to all really bad films of time slowing down as you watch it. As the mute android title character, Dorothy Stratten has all the best dialogue - until she starts talking halfway through the film. The best thing about it is that the opening titles mock Star Wars, and it doesn't even do that well.

Abdulmalik A (br) wrote: Caligula is sickening, utterly worthless, shameful trash.

Michelle M (us) wrote: Ok, so while I find the whole idea of this movie hilarious.... It's not really supposed to be funny. This is a serious drama, which means it's not as stupid and ridiculous as "Bubble Boy". It's John Travolta in a bubble. Watch and enjoy. I found it on DVD.

Steve W (it) wrote: Even though all the same elements are here, this Thin Man entry is a bit less enjoyable because it has less of everything. It has less witty banter, less colourful characters/suspects, and even with the addition of the son it doesn't really do much except for a funny milk and merry go round scene. This is the first movie in the series not to be written by Dashiel Hammett, so that may account for something.

Joseph T (ca) wrote: So good if you can't like citizen Kane your not watching movies right

Farah R (fr) wrote: Chris Evans's character is a beat down writer failing at composing a romantic comedy script without clichs when Playing It Cool is nothing but clichs and is in fact a terrible rom-com. If the story has a glimpse of hope, the actors and direction take it down the path of hopelessness.

Jeff Z (us) wrote: The King of Cartoons/Star Trek's Dr. Daystrom is back as the black vampire Blacula in this cheaply made guilty pleasure. "Ironside" co-star Don Mitchell is the hero this time, Pam Grier, Michael Conrad and Pamela "Shakiest Gun in the West" Rhodes are along for the ride as they fight vampires, voodoo cult and bad production values. Still, how can you resist a movie with a title like this?