Onda Nova

Onda Nova

A group of eleven women organize a soccer team, as a manifesto against sexism.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,   gay,   death,  

A group of eleven women organize a soccer team, as a manifesto against sexism. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josef H (ca) wrote: Ein Nachruf? mchte man fast meinen & blo nicht! hoffen... (& dieser "Freund aus Kiew" - L 1/4ckenb 1/4er mangels Zuhltern & zwielichtigen Kiezgren im Umfeld der Gebr 1/4dern K. ..?!?)

Kym c my community profile R (es) wrote: The audio or dialog at least in the acting of one sounds like they edited what they could of the 'best' pieces of each take for the guy, which was a Total monotone or at least for one of the actors. In one of the shots there's 'buildings falling' it looks like a computer effect that wasn't finished in the post production. The FX for the sand coming up, looks like a pair of pantyhose with a life of its own. The Victor Webster who played Cupid on Charmed is in this. There's another actor in it I'm sort of familiar with I've seen him in plenty others before I just don't remember what I've seen him in or his name. (looks up Adam Baldwin...From Chuck & Gospel Hill) Was originally for tv so I'm guessing a 'syfy original' which means (& I swear they say it when they make them) "make the movie as crappy with as bad of acting as you can! " The Egyptian God... (I think its Ra)is at least scary in ways at least & LMAO no they did not! Talk about the writing on the wall... let's just say the writing fights back! D-

Heather G (br) wrote: I had never heard of this film before, but I was extemely pleasantly surprised by this low-budget British thriller. Roy is bird-watching in his bird-hide, when a mysterious tattooed man called Dave turns up. They build a rapport, they share lunch and Roy eventually tells Dave about how his wife has left him for another man. However, when Dave falls asleep, a gun falls out of his pocket and Roy hears reports of a local murder over the radio..... I can't say any more about the plot as I would hate to spoil it for anyone who sees this gem of a film! However, the ending is BRILLIANT. Roy and Dave are the only characters and the movie is filmed entirely in the vicinity of the bird-hide, but rather than being boring, it all adds to the sense of claustrophobia. The cinematography and score are also top notch and make a terrific contribution to the tension in the film. Highly recommended!

Darian D (ru) wrote: I highly recommend this documentary for anyone who wants to have a good laugh at the sad reality of a "realm" of wackos who apparently played too much dungeons and dragons growing up and now cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Its kind of like Monty Python and the Holy Grail without a script.

Jurmi C (de) wrote: Critics Chopped and Butchered It. I LOVED the Ensemble Cast... And The Songs With His Own Band... Esp. The Spanish Versions... Just Genius!

Roberta R (jp) wrote: this move loses very much its fascination in the translation. should be seen by those who understand the italian language fairly well.

shawn p (es) wrote: I loved this film but it's like it never really happened, like a dark secret that needs to be seen.

Carlos G (es) wrote: idk I was really anxious to seeing it after years, but it didn't pass the test of time. It definitely is worth watching just won't be anything wonderful.

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Bolly B (gb) wrote: Great cast, great script, great Bette Davis

Brad S (ca) wrote: - I've now seen this film several time, I quite like it. Based on a true story, it's a fascinating prison escape film. Both McQueen and Hoffman do great work. Highly recommended!- This is a great film about the persistence of the human spirit. Steve McQueen play a man "wrongfully convicted" of murder and sent to notorious Devil's Island prison in Vienna where he suffers sub-human treatment. He has many attempts at escape and even succeeds once, but id returned to the prison. Dustin Hoffman play his friend and accomplice in escape attempts. This is probably McQueen's best performance. highly recommended!

Greg W (it) wrote: one of the best of the flock of disaster pics from the likes of Irwin allen.

Damon L (ca) wrote: Starting the film in the midnight is not recommended. In the beginning the rhythm is slow and the flashback you may don't understand. when you get into the movie, definitely masterpiece. It talks about humanity, nobility and revenge of a samurai. The screenplay, shooting, editing is accurate and neat. Checking the extra bonus in the DVD, you will be amazed to know that Tatsuya Nakadai was 30 years old to act a samurai with 50.

Greg W (mx) wrote: worth a look just for the film's music from jazz gr8 miles davis

Thomas F (jp) wrote: Extremely talky, boring film. The "monsters" are giant rocks that collapse and make more giant rocks that grow and collape. I imagine the title added "Monsters" to try to sell a strange scifi movie to monster loving 1950's kids. Got to give it to them for trying something different, though.

Jon P (de) wrote: In 1934, Frank Capra sparked a genre renaissance with this paint-by-numbers screwballer. A comedy classic and Academy Award favourite, Capra's film combines charm and wit, laughter and sorrow, and Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. The film is a fizzy comedy of errors played to perfection, and Gable and Colbert's ever-imitated exchanges will never be forgotten.It Happened One Night remains a genuine joy to watch for anyone with a heart and a sense of humour, and Hollywood will always be indebted to Capra for kickstarting a trend that would last for decades - if not a decade or two too long.

Charlie R (mx) wrote: a witty well written script I'm not surprised how good this was a great movie with great gags B+

JuaMari M (it) wrote: You think you know exactly what this movie is going to be like, but it definitely manages to surprise you.It is an amazingly written story. The characters are weird and awkward at times, but in the most endearing way.There were some lines in this movie that were absolutely profound and they almost shocked you with the level of sincerity. There's plenty of laughter and plenty of over the top sex scenes (if that's your thing), but also plenty of real moments where you identify completely with the characters.Production wise I assume everything was great. I didn't anything out of order, but I didn't notice anything special either because I was completely caught up in the story. They say the best cinematography and sound is completely unnoticeable because it fits the story like a glove.I really enjoyed it a lot. It was surprising, which is not often the case in this genre.