Onde está a Felicidade?

Onde está a Felicidade?


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Marcus B (gb) wrote: I am by no means a martial arts film connoisseur. I understand what people are saying, the plot is just "glue" to hold the fight scenes together. I get it, but I enjoyed this anyway. True Legend was straight to the point. Got to see drunken master featured in a current film, cool fight locations, and a cameo by David Carradine? Sold.

David D (es) wrote: Typical Hilary Duff film. Simple, but enjoyable to watch.

Ed W (gb) wrote: tough questions, could have been done beter tho

Collin R (au) wrote: its really awkward at parts but it comes down to just pure awful acting that induces shear paralyzing bordum

JAY P (kr) wrote: gud movie to watch ..

Jeff H (ag) wrote: Love the artistic vision of this piece, with the black and white...after all, it is a very classic story of lust. I thought some of the acting was not the best, but it was so edgy for the 80's, and really established such a phenomenal career for Gus Van Sant! B-

peter g (it) wrote: this is a fantastic film i watched it about three times

Private U (ru) wrote: great film...Mao Mao

Alan W (nl) wrote: This is a great movie

David L (it) wrote: beautiful cinematography of Morocco, Tokyo, and Mexico. Highlight was the wedding party & Chieko entering the disco to the backdrop of Phats & Small's remix of EWF's September. Story-wise, the three mini-stories are just ok.

Hallie G (br) wrote: Fascinating to look at and to imagine the millenia-ago people who wandered in a partook of graffiti, perfectly preserved. Hard facts about the cave and its paintings run out before long, but Herzog isn't done as he continues to possibly his primary focus - what is art and spirituality, to humans and to other animals? It's a meditation - the questions are posed, not proselytized.

Thaddaeus D (au) wrote: another Hercules film that has went beyond the satire of the film of its kind in the past great acting great action

Michael C (gb) wrote: Not a bad movie, one to watch with the kids