One and Two

One and Two

Imprisoned by their own father on their family's property, two siblings with terrifying supernatural powers plot their escape and vengeance. Two siblings discover a supernatural escape from a troubled home, but find their bond tested when reality threatens to tear their family apart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


One and Two torrent reviews

David G (au) wrote: Overstuffed, yet intriguing.

Doll L (jp) wrote: "Older" ladies, women pose nude for a calendar ! Cute, funny, classy, well done !(there is hope for us ladies over 40 lol)

Eugene Skip H (it) wrote: I think the critics praise of this is way overdone. I kept thinking the movie was doing character development and then the story would begin...but then the movie ended.

Katrina R (ag) wrote: I enjoyed watching this movie quite a bit. It has great spirit and brings the Greek myth it was based off alive in a new way. I was lucky enough to find the soundtrack and I find myself listening to it often.

Raine L (it) wrote: I remember being bored by this attempt at a lesbian movie, and switching it off. But I'm willing to give it another try since it's been a few years.

Tom H (kr) wrote: One of Wayne`s best War films. He plays a hard man who shows no mercy to his troops, because a soft touch is likely to get you killed in combat.

Stuart E (ag) wrote: Forgettable action thriller with no depth to any of the characters and too many holes in the plot.

Nonya B (es) wrote: This movie was straight up stupid, the only thing that I liked in this movie was Rourke, and his Harley, he was pretty damn sexy other then that, this movie was a waste of time I just can't believe I sat thought the whole thing prolly because of Rourke.