One-Armed Boxer

One-Armed Boxer

After his schoolmate and master is killed and he loses an arm, student Tien Lung has to learn the art of one-arm boxing.

After his schoolmate and master is killed and he loses an arm, student Tien Lung has to learn the art of one-arm boxing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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C O (br) wrote: Saw it on plane - very interesting but the tiny screen didn't do justice to it

Kashfia F (fr) wrote: Only thing I liked was Salman in action...Katrina can't act for shit and hated the story!

Tony c (jp) wrote: I'm a veteran of the 1st Gulf War, Somalia, Haiti and 4 yrs on the ground in Bosnia Herzogovina.This movie catches the spirit of the American Soldier. This apolitical "docu-film" about spirit, family and the country we love.It would do young Americans a great service to watch this and own up to the responsibility of citizenship.Good job Jake. Good Job and God bless you for risking your hide to show the American people what our troops do!T

Loyal D (de) wrote: I loved this movie, it was both hilarious and raunchy but it also showed more than that. It had moral value and a good life lesson for those in marriage. I thought it was good and Wilson & Sudekis' chemistry shined and made this movie better than critics say!

(br) wrote: Great movie with a good cast!!!

Greg S (nl) wrote: Definitely a different monster than I'm used to. I'm not sure, though, that it makes me truly like this movie. Some decent performances, though -- I'll give it that.

Richard D (jp) wrote: A fairly good action film, though it's pretty apparent why it didn't spawn the series that it hoped to. It has one really great action scene mid-film, but what comes before and after is disappointing. Fred Ward makes an interesting lead, but he's given so little to do during the incredibly long training scenes that his appeal really starts to wane. The concluding action sequences are dull and by the numbers. Although Joel Grey does a good job as Ward's Asian martial arts teacher, there's really no excuse for having a white actor in yellow face playing this role. Pat Morita, James Hong and Mako were ALL busy?

Mickey A (fr) wrote: What's not to love? Classic Python performed live. Would love to see this released in its original video format.

Jack C (br) wrote: This is now the 5th Kurosawa picture I have seen and it joins Kagemusha; Throne Of Blood; Seven Samurai and Ikiru as a singular masterwork.It is something wholly different, a tale of a hunter alone at one with nature who guides a band of russian soldiers on their survey expedition.Plain, spartan and made with care and compassion, Dersu Uzala is a must see for those who like being in the great outdoors.Wonderful film

Luis C (es) wrote: Um filme que mostra a fora do povo judeu, mas sem glamouriz-lo

Benot R (us) wrote: Beau film que ce Bergman qui conte l'histoire d'amour peu banale entre deux jeunes gens. A travers leur romance, mouvemente par le pass difficile de la femme, ayant t enferme dans une institution. A travers son rcit, le metteur en scne sudois dnonce la socit de son poque, trop bien pensante son got. C'est aussi un Bergman trs intimiste, multipliant les gros plans pour faire ressortir les motions des personnages. Un Bergman qui choisit la voie de la lumire et du bonheur pour nos deux hros. Les deux acteurs principaux sont bons. Seul reproche, mes yeux, une histoire parfois trop facile deviner dans les trs grandes lignes et quelques minutes plus faiblardes que l'ensemble du film (surtout lors du passage au commissariat). Mais trs bon niveau quand mme.

Adam P (au) wrote: Amazing performances all around.Sadly we will have no more amazing Brad Renfro films to look forward to.I have also noticed I am oddly attracted to Neo-Nazism?!

Jules H (us) wrote: Its good for offering some explanation on what became of the characters since the first film and for pleasing children, but seems content on marring a good story with a puny running time, half of which is occupied by songs that don't even try to contribute to the story.

Lawrence H (de) wrote: This was outstanding, best animated film since Red Hood in my opinion.