One by Two

One by Two

This is the story of Amit and Samara - two souls in Mumbai, a city of millions and how the universe conspires to bring them together. This is a coming of age film about how two people are destined to meet but only when their individual lives are ready for each other. Through a chance encounter, a series of coincidences and fates helping hand, Amit and Samaras lives intersect and affect each other. Whether they can find their true paths or not, only time will tell.

This is the story of Amit and Samara - two souls in Mumbai, a city of millions and how the universe conspires to bring them together... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick A (au) wrote: A minimalist Hanekeian thriller of consummate brilliance, none more immediate and lasting than its direction, which is unmatched in 2014.

Annie (us) wrote: This was a good movie I can see it again and with me it's more then once

Shawn W (gb) wrote: In the last film there could be only one again but we have immortals galore once again in this installment. Lambert passes the torch to Highlander TV Series star Adrian Paul. Hurt by ridiculous dialogue for the story's villain, Kell.

Dixie V (ag) wrote: VERY CUTE! And Greg Kinnear is WAY HOT!

Melinda Y (mx) wrote: And, at 3, they lost me. Doesn't live up to its predecessors. Probably b/c Emilio isn't in enough of it.

Joseph O (es) wrote: This and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back are definitely my favourite Kevin Smith movies. I don't understand the negativity towards this movie, considering that this was Smith's SECOND View Askewniverse movie, and helped make the world a WORLD at all, you know? Jason Lee and Jeremy London, as defensive and entitled they do seem, are very well-written and RELATABLE characters whose motives and decisions make sense, and you are genuinely rooting for them in the movie while shit happens offside in the mall. That being said, other than one or two jokes that fall down on their faces, there isn't anything I'd call unenjoyable about the film. I liked seeing Michael Rooker pre-Walking Dead fame as Jeremy London's girlfriend's dad. I liked the running gag of Silent Bob crashing into wherever Joey Lauren Adams was changing, that was hilarious. I liked Stan Lee's gratuitous cameo. There are just so many funny and enjoyable moments and there are times where Smith's dialogue feels very Taratinoish. Like you know it's not really going anywhere, but the characters are so lifelike and real that the movie just hooks you in based on that. Plus young Ben Affleck before Good Willing Hunting/Gigli/Dogma is so hilarious to see. A great movie.

Aimee C (ca) wrote: Very good movie. I have to say that I was definitely surprised to see Douglas Henshall jump out of bed fully nude sporting an erection. Can't believe they showed that, lol.

David L (br) wrote: Airplane! is one of the worst and, needless to say, overrated "classic and iconic" movies. Its characters are stupid, the plot is irrelevant and dated and the film is incredibly offensive by simultaneously being sexist, racist and homophobic. But its humor is so immature, juvenile and just plain dumb that I honestly cannot understand how anyone above the age of ten can enjoy it.

Anders A (de) wrote: The best film of the year 1934. Prime directing and a real treasure in pure entertainment ala Capra. The acting is great and to some extent the plot likevice.

Crystal E (gb) wrote: I always loved this movie and after watching a good bit of the show "Lie to Me" I felt compelled to rewatch it. I still love it. Odd, quirky and very independent film style.

jay n (de) wrote: A miss for Woody. Beautiful looking film with Colin Firth fine in the lead but the usually charming Emma Stone is completely wrong as the supposedly mystical woman in question. Suggesting not an ounce of gossamer glow nor in any way a woman of the 1920's when the film is set she seems nothing but a miscast actress at sea. It doesn't help that she and Firth share zero chemistry on screen.