One Day in a Life

One Day in a Life

One Day in a Life is a 2008 Italian drama film directed by Stefano Tummolini. It entered the "Venice Days" section at the 65th Venice International Film Festival.

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Even T (es) wrote: The concept and setting could have made for a great piece of movie, but it fails at executing its potential.

Brandon W (au) wrote: Moonrise Kingdom is directed and co-written by Wes Anderson, and it stars Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, and Frances McDormand in a coming-of-age about a kid scout and a daughter and ran away just to meet each other, and their families need to find them. I remember that when I first watch it, I thought it was a good movie, but wasn't really quite sure about the high reviews that it received. So now that time has gone by and that I download this on Netflix for offline viewing in the Canada trip, I watch it for time waste sakes, and while I think it's a great film, it's not quite of there in the highs. Newcomers Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward are fantastic as they got the quirks that work for a Wes Anderson film, and their chemistry is very odd, but very heartfelt. The acting is also great, which is nice to see Bill Murray be funny, even if he's playing it straight, and Bruce Willis not act over-the-top. The characters are quite interesting in an odd way, and the humor is sometimes funny, although not quite as funny as it's trying to be. It's interesting to see how the scouts get even more weird as this is a Wes Anderson film, and while it's not that interesting to watch at times, I was still interested enough to know where I wonder is going to. Moonrise Kingdom is a great movie that is one of those quirks where I'm fine watching it once in a while.

Jonny P (it) wrote: "Cypher" failed to impress me. The concept was interesting but the acting was just awful. I love Jeremy Northam's singing voice, particularly in "Gosford Park," but what was he thinking? I don't know if he was trying to capture the emotionless-ness of a brainwashed character but it just came off as bad acting. The vision for the film was really cool, particularly as the main character is given an antidote and is able to see the things that are actually occurring at the conventions, and particularly what happens on the airplane! Rereading the synopsis of the film got me so excited, but then I remembered how poor the script and acting were. The single instance of clever dialogue appears toward the end of the film:Callaway: "Did you get a look at him? Did you see Rooks' face?"Finster: "Just Morgan Sullivan, our pawn."But it is then trumped by the final line of the film, which also happens to be one of the worst lines of the film. "Cypher" will always be one of those films that could have been great but was so poorly done that it is barely even watchable.

Robert D (ru) wrote: Not the greatest film that Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn ever made. But amusing for those who observe the influence on beauty of the natural process of aging, and what the figure of Meryl Streep will do to turn back the clock.

Grayson D (es) wrote: Average sequel to the classic, Chinatown, directed by Nicholson.

Justin R (fr) wrote: A good Artic adventure thats reminiscent of Walt Disney's True Life Adventure series

Trev B (fr) wrote: Has Mary Steenburgen always had the same head? I suppose she has - you don't exactly get given new ones but they do tend to change with age. Hers has apparently been the same since 1980 when this was made.

Todd P (us) wrote: The best French toy-train-and-toy-helicopter-robbery movie I've ever seen.

William W (us) wrote: Easily the worst film I have ever seen that wasn't helmed by a female director. I am usually very picky when it comes to selecting movies to watch, hence my usually high satisfaction as a cinephile. I can't believe I wasted my time on this vile piece of garbage and that this ever saw a cinematic release when there MUST be thousands...NO, millions, of better things that could have been made instead. The Lumiere brothers must be rolling in their graves at how cinema has been travestied.My only regret other than my time wasted and the scar on my brain from having watched it is the fact that unlike Metacritic, on Rotten Tomatoes I can't give it a zero rating. Or a negative, for that matter! =)

Peter T (ru) wrote: So emotional made me cry .

Juli N (jp) wrote: Celebratory high fives for a job well done!

Joey Q (kr) wrote: This movie only gets 3 stars cuz Tom hardy is a badass. other than that this film was nothing special

Serge L (mx) wrote: The critics are a bit harsh. I found this film very absorbing and could not stop it for the whole two hours. Not a dull moment. Excellent acting. The light seemed well put on Wikileaks and reveals the issues and tensions between the ideas and the people. The film ends with Wikileaks being squarely betrayed by Daniel Berg and the french guy in charge of the servers. Wikileaks was very important to reveal how much of assholes the powerful people really are. From the soldier to the chief in command and all in between. Assholes doing crimes all the time and only a few aware and able to leak i.e. inform the world. National security is always in danger when the people in charge keep jeopardizing it while pretending they provide security. If they were providing security without relying so much on power and violence, there would probably be much less dangers to security around the world. I am not just talking about the governments, but all forms of power. It seems there was unfortunately a grave lack of information about what happened with ISIS, leading to such misery over there. It feels a lot like the situation was allowed to rot to the point where the military was given carte blanche to extirpate ISIS. I think the military victory is not a convincing argument in itself. It's simply the most powerful one(s) making the rules.