One Day in August

One Day in August

Three couples flee Athens for the summer, and their journeys change their lives forever.

Three couples flee Athens for the summer, and their journeys change their lives forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (de) wrote: Certainly wasn't made to recruit new fans in what seems as a thank you to its loyal fans because to the casual observer it appears to be a rather bland run of the mill sci fi film.

Robyn (kr) wrote: this is a well done Disney picture, guaranteed to melt the heart of any animal lover. Set in Edinburgh at the turn of the century, the film follows the adventures of a cute little Skye terrier named Bobby. When his elderly master dies, the loyal dog refuses to leave the grave. Eventually Bobby is persuaded to venture into town and play with the local children, but at night he runs back to the cemetery and his masters grave. Word of the dogs odd behavior spreads throughout Edinburgh, and Bobby becomes quite a local celebrity,it is based on a true story this movie. a real tear jerker~!

Sasha A (mx) wrote: Very funny, yet motivational

Scot C (nl) wrote: This film slipped under the radar, but I'm glad I discovered it. It's a classic American thriller set in the mid west.

Morgan W (br) wrote: this movie finally came to dvd, this is a good film in the long godzilla series of movies.

Scott R (es) wrote: Some gaps in the story weaken this original psychological drama.

Martin B (ca) wrote: A science fiction of the '50's that actually isn't that "B" that most of these good old time space epics often are.Yeah, sure, It's doesn't have impressing effects like practially anything in the genre after 1965, but still it's kind of good in areas where most other films of this era most often are hillarious. I do like the same mood like in the later tv-series of "The Prisoner" One man revolting against the weird micro-system somewhere far away. Even if the story gets a bit weird when in out of space. It's a good looking planet under a broken crust under constant attack of scaceship-controlled comets that we get to see.Not bad.

Pamela K (es) wrote: Watched this with Sophie last night. She really enjoyed it. Plus, it has encouraged us to do a little research on the Alamo. :-)

Paul G (br) wrote: What??? Why??? Really??? Stupid!!!

Liam D (jp) wrote: A very well written and performed biopic about the rather short life of playwright Joe Orton. It was bit slow in places, but overall I enjoyed the gritty realism of the film and would definitely recommend it.