One Day in September

One Day in September

The full story of the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre and the Israeli revenge operation 'Wrath of God.' The 1972 Munich Olympics were interrupted by Palestinian terrorists taking Israeli athletes hostage. Besides footage taken at the time, we see interviews with the surviving terrorist, Jamal Al Gashey, and various officials detailing exactly how the police, lacking an anti-terrorist squad and turning down help from the Israelis, botched the operation

The Palestinian terrorist group Black September holds Israeli athletes hostage at the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ravan D (us) wrote: Saw it last night. A fun, engaging and ocasionally satirizing movie that doesn't fail to impress through it's design and make-up, making it, once again, look like a cartoon come to life. The film has a little too many subplots which it tries to start and end quickly to fit in the circa 120 minutes. Fans of Spielberg's Flintstones or other Asterix and Obelix movies should not miss this.

E L (nl) wrote: While it doesn't say anything new, this is a marvellously well made, well scripted and well acted film. Almost perfect in every way.

Michael R (au) wrote: Liked it.. harmless fun starring (most importantly) Dolly

Ted R (mx) wrote: ''It's very important to be guilty. I'm guilty all the time and I never did anything...'' Another one of these sweet and incredibly funny Allen's masterpieces..

Grant S (nl) wrote: An interesting "western". Not really a western in the traditional sense in that it isn't set in the US, but in Mexico, and the "cowboys" are really mercenaries, hired by the opposing sides in the Mexican war of 1866.On that note, the movie is quite interesting from an historical perspective, in that it deals with the relatively unknown Franco-Mexican War of 1866.Good plot, using some of the actual characters from history (Emperor Maximilian, for one).Solid performances from Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster in the lead roles. It was a sort of changing of the guard, as Gary Cooper's career was past its peak, and Lancaster's was taking off. Also features some later stars in early-careers: Ernest Borgnine and Charles Bronson. Neither are particularly good (though Bronson never was much good, acting-wise).Entertaining.

Tim E (jp) wrote: An exemplary "day in the life" of six lovable misfits who always talk about leaving their home town, but never do. They talk about what they will do next, but they never have the resolve to abandon their vices or their problems. And yet, we can't help but not love their vibrant passion. Fausto brings a very interesting element to the story - a man who wishes to be good but somehow cannot work past his troublesome lust. And yet (as comical as it seems) the peak of the movie is when the father finally gives his boy a spanking, paving the way for Fausto's adulthood. Character studies can be made for all six characters. Simply put - another stellar movie from Fellini.

Shauna D (jp) wrote: I've watched all the paranormal activity 's and they are all brilliant

Sarah E (jp) wrote: Looks like the typical 80s slasher film but the ending (I have already seen) is awesome.